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The most important meal of the day?

CircusMaximus Male
11 days ago
What's yours?
leogirl Female
11 days ago
my " Warm or cooked" meal , usually eaten around 6 in the evening or at lunch time. Always plenty of  fresh vegetables and a variety of it .  Breakfast is either a slice of toast and  egg or jam,  or serial .
G-O-W Female
11 days ago
Usually gf oats with coconut or goat yogurt.
Sometimes I throw in fruit, but not always.
Sunday was a fruit day because my granddaughters were here and one of them likes a big bowl of fruit with yogurt.
I like an occasional cooked breakfast, usually when I'm on holiday. Considering going out for one this Friday.
persona_non_grata Male
11 days ago
Cereal around 6.30am to start me off. Usually a bowl of Cornflakes and an hour's reading. A real breakfast often full English during the mid morning.
G-O-W Female
11 days ago
Two breakfasts png?!
Samx Male
11 days ago
It varies according to my mood and the time I eat it.
wonderoushen Female
11 days ago
Lots of coffee, orange juice, toast and apricot jam, if on the rare occasion I want a cooked breakfast I have porridge, made with water, a pinch of salt with a splash of cold milk on top. If I have a big breakfast then I'm sluggish and feel hungover for the rest of the day.
Pixiefluff Female
11 days ago
Coffee, I don't have the same thing for breakfast every day, sometimes I don't have it at all. Just coffee.
persona_non_grata Male
11 days ago
GOW. I don't count the cereal as a breakfast more of an early snack before breakfast lol. I get up at 6.30 and like to read or listen to music for an hour or so. A bowl of cereal with ice cold milk helps me start the day.
Molly Female
11 days ago
I like yoghurt with chopped banana.
G-O-W Female
11 days ago
Ah, the luxury of time png.
I get up at 4.45 / 5.30 / 6.00 / 7.00 - and run around before scooting out the door at 6.00 / 6.45 / 7.30, oh and a lazy 9.45 on my late day.
If I wake early on a day off, I enjoy that slow time to read or drink tea.
Colonel_Blink Male
11 days ago
Busy busy lady.
HotOrWot Male
10 days ago
I nearly always eat quite a bit in the mornings.
G-O-W Female
10 days ago
I think it's bad for ones body clock to have to wake different times on different days.
That's one of the reasons I can't wait to cut back.
We've already been up at 4.15 because pup wanted to go out - and I thought it was morning.
We're both being lazy now though.
What to have for breakfast?
tsunamiwarrior Male
9 days ago
If I cut down to one major meal a day in would be a substantial breakfast about 11am.
Geone Male
9 days ago
Rice Krispies and Shreddies or All Bran with cold Soya Milk..
Sea Female
9 days ago
i neevr miss breakfast and tend to have it any time between 7 and 8.,30. It depends if doing jobs around the house first etc.. This morning I had a mug of hot honey and lemon, with fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of ginger and turmeric. Then a bowl of fresh fruit musli. Today it was a combination of chopped up apple, pear, banana. mango and grapes, with jumbo oats and natural yogurt, all mixed up together with small teaspoon of honey and a sprinle of cinnamon. I then sprinkle chopped up nuts and seeds on top. Fruit I use varies depending what is in season etc. I find this filling and a nice way to start the day.
Zealous_Zack Male
7 days ago
Depending on my schedules I sometimes eat a substantial breakfast around the middle of the day as a main meal.
Neros1954 Male
6 days ago
I spotted this thread and now I'm feeling hungry.
Pixiefluff Female
4 days ago
Orange juice and pancakes today... early one for me...
Andromeda Female
3 days ago
I'm eating breakfast now and Bertie has had his and is running around the garden hoping to be taken for a walk. I'm eating poached egg on toast.
MrQuiet Male
10 hours ago
I can take it or leave it. I tend to eat whenever I'm hungry.
eurostar Female
9 hours ago
Coffee before leaving house, then bacon butty at work lol

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