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A very brief history of ...

The Tray.

On-The-Beach Male
A month ago
The very earliest example of a tray or salver ever is an Etruscan black earthenware tray dating from the 7th century BC; discovered a thousand years before the ornate trays we’ve come to expect to see in the homes of (later) high value individuals uncovered by archaeology.

”The word ‘salver’ derives from the Latin ‘salvare,’ meaning ‘to save’. The original use of the salver was to indicate that the food served upon it had been tested for poison and was deemed fit for consumption for a royal guest. Having servants taste test foods served at banquets eliminated any concerns that the high-ranking guests might have about their safety, and the so-called ‘silver platter’ is what made the food fit for a king.”

Today, trays are just common household objects although their intriguing form and utility also promote fascinating conversations online via social media and foras across the internet.
Zealous_Zack Male
A month ago
It wouldn't surprise me if a budding author didn't write a book on the subject. Possibly titled "The porTRAYal of the SALVER through the ages.
Hierophant Male
A month ago
Tres bien...
HotOrWot Male
A month ago

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