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The UK Supreme Court has ruled

Hierophant Male
4 days ago
That Scotland cannot hold an independence referendum without the permission of the UK Prime Minister.
The SNP were intending to go it alone and call a referendum in 2024 I believe, but now that has been deemed illegal.
Do you think this ruling has killed independence or will Starmer grant them a referendum if/when Labour win the next election?

As an observer it does seem a bit of a vanity project by the SNP, they want to be independent, but have stated they would join the EU without a moment's hesitation.
I wonder how much taxpayer's money has been wasted on this court case?.....
Zealous_Zack Male
4 days ago
I think the SNP knew what the ruling would be and it suits them to say they want a referendum but can't because of the damn Brits.
Samx Male
4 days ago
It is likely, that this setback for independence is only temporary. Sooner or later Scotland will break away and rejoin the EU. After that Wales becomes independent. And, in between, Northern rejoins the rest of the
Ireland, as belonging to the EU is very beneficial. It is becoming clearer by the day, that Brexit was the most humongous mistake and England will pay a very heavy price for decades, if not centuries, provided the human race lasts that long in its present format.
On-The-Beach Male
4 days ago
According to a very informative, (but 2019 dated), Business for Scotland piece written by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, there are some fascinating statistics in regard to its contributions to the rest of the UK.

Apparently, even back then, Scotland accounted for;

30% of the UK’s natural wealth.
90% of the UK’s total fresh water.
26% of the UK’s renewable energy.
90% of its hydropower.
32% of its landmass.
90% of its offshore maritime area.
96% of its crude oil.
63% of its natural gas.
60% of its timber production.
70% of the UK’s fish landings.
25% of the offshore wind resources.
25% of Europe’s tidal energy resources.
10% of Europes wave power potential. (Not sure what that means other than some obvious potential to generate wave power)


And, OK, while these figures look quite impressive, we don’t know how impressive statistically they really are.

I mean, if these items represented 50% of some bigger list it would be more interesting than the above list representing just 5% - 10% of a far bigger list but, in any event, some of the stats I’ve outlined are quite surprising.

Should Scotland be given an opportunity to break away from the existing UK?

I’m split and undecided.

I wonder about our nuclear resources and I wonder what would or should happen to Scotland’s natural energy reserves. Would they, by default, become solely Scottish assets?

And could a free Scotland actually pay its own way in the world?

One thing that is undeniable though.

The ‘United Kingdom’ we recognise has only been that entity for a little over 310 years so I’d not really think of England, (which has been ‘England’ for just over 1000 years), as being demoted or thought less of just because the land north of he border wanted independence.
4 days ago
In population terms - Scotland/Wales/NI in aggregate are pretty much the same as the population of the 600 sq miles of Greater London.

With UK having only around 50% of the total population actually in work - and only around 75% of that 50% earning enough to pay Income Tax/NI - on has to wonder how viable independence would be for esp Scotland/Wales.

As for NI being subsumed back in to a United Ireland - there are historic embedded religious issues around that.

It could take a decade before Scotland might be realistically able to join the EU.

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