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What's the weather like ...

For your animal?

Zealous_Zack Male
4 days ago
I have two cats and this morning one is curled up under the radiator and the other is sat on the fence in the rain.
lindy Female
4 days ago
My pooch, first thing.  when raining goes out in desperation for a wee. Different story when I have the car keys in my hand.  She doesn't care about the weather then!
wonderoushen Female
4 days ago
Boris sits out in the rain and then comes and blots himself on me, Bertie hides away from it, Fearn goes into "wet whippet" mode I open the door and she sees the wind and rain, her back hunches up like a camel, her tail goes between her legs and her head goes down.She's learnt to look out of the back door at what the weather's doing and out the front window to check its the same then goes back to bed if its wet and windy.
Greencare Female
4 days ago
I don't think the weather worries my cat too much and he always seems happy and lively but he does stay in more at night during the dark winters. If he goes out he is always back by morning and usually curled up on the sofa. The hot weather didnt bother him either.
MrQuiet Male
3 days ago
Most of my neighbours have either cats or dogs. The dogs go unnoticed other than one who sometimes has a barking fit but the cats are always wandering through my garden and will sometimes enter the house if I leave the door open. The cats are out in all weathers and one often sits on my shed roof.
HotOrWot Male
3 days ago
I think a lot of cats enjoy their routines so if they go for a walk or a sit outside on the dry days they will often do the same on wet days.
CircusMaximus Male
3 days ago
My dog used to love the rain, puddles, rivers and the beach. He couldn't get wet enough and enjoyed a good shake soaking all those around him .
HotOrWot Male
2 days ago
I often think that pet owners worry a lot more than the animals do.

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