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CircusMaximus Male
6 days ago
Same company or competition?
wonderoushen Female
6 days ago
terry Male
6 days ago
I think it's just a change of name for some reason
Laura1961 Female
6 days ago
It's a name change, I just Googled.
AndyMacG Male
6 days ago
Name change or not, this has to be the most condescending advert on TV, you see so many programs warning us (the public) about scammers then they allow adverts like the ”GO-Compare” advert with the main point of sale being the £250 FREE excess but if you read the small print on the TV screen before it quickly disappears it clearly says “All claims must be settled to qualify” That means you have to pay the excess before you get it back so how is that FREE as advertised and that smirk on that twats face makes me want to throw a brick through the TV screen, Grrrrr

Andy Mac
Samx Male
6 days ago
How many ads are truly fair, honest, and in the customer’s favour?
I mean, tooth paste repairing teeth?
Every day loans at 99.9% interest?
Adverts with four lines of small print, which disappears before you are able to read them?
fosy Male
6 days ago
the big plus is we wont have that awful earworm "gocompare" anymore !!
Templar2013 Male
6 days ago
A lot of advertisements push the limits of honesty but most of their promises are generic so we hear them all the time. No company will advertise they are the worst or even advertise they're not bad but there are a lot better companies around.
GoCompare added the dot to make their website easier to find whichever browser/device you use.
NoSaint Female
5 days ago
the big plus is we wont have that awful earworm "gocompare" anymore !!

Afraid not. We still have him lol.
fosy Male
5 days ago
yes we still have him but is he singing "godotcompare", the earworm being the "song" ?
i didnt think it would have the same ring to it.
Greencare Female
5 days ago
Good point fosy I hadn't thought of that.
HotOrWot Male
5 days ago
Hasn't he got a doppelganger?
Andromeda Female
4 days ago
I've seen them both on the advert!
HotOrWot Male
3 days ago
It is a clever advertisement and sometimes annoying adverts are the most successful ones.
ToBeAdvised Male
3 days ago
There is an easy solution, don't watch (or get taken in by the adverts. Simples!!

But if you do, then just accept that they're there just to pique your interest.  If you're then gullible enough just to accept that above any other choice without at least checking elsewhere then that's down to you.

Another example of a company doing exactly what they say in their adverts is "We Buy any Car". Yes they'll give you a quote within 30 seconds etc. and on the face of it, you might think that's nice and easy and it's the best you can get. 

But the only reason they do what they do is because they know that they'll get far more for what they've just paid you.  

One example was when getting a quote from them for an old car - £149 (but only if every scratch, dent or mark was as per the quote, they forget to mention that) and less a £50 admin charge (they forget to mention that too). 

A quick search for another online firm doing the same thing with the only stipulation being it needed the engine in the car and all 4 wheels on it. £328 and they're making a profit on the deal.           

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