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whats your favourite


sonofEasteregg Male
8 days ago
Big ones, little ones, sweet ones, tinned, other ones. certain named varieties
HotOrWot Male
8 days ago
I don't know anyone who is a big fan of tomatoes but I'm guessing there are more online than you see in the cafes. I do sometimes pop in a tiny one.
sonofEasteregg Male
8 days ago
One of my favourites over the years, I'm not sure what it called. It pops up every now and again, or it used to anyway. It is bigger than a cherry tomato, roughly the size of a 'normal' tomato, and was a really red red colour, as opposed to a lightish red, if that makes sense. It had a thick skin. and tasted fantastic. Pity I don't know what it is, or whether I can get any nowadays, without pot luck.
ToBeAdvised Male
8 days ago
I don't know anyone who is a big fan of tomatoes

You need to ask anyone that grows their own. Different ball game to the commercially produced tasteless uniform sized offerings in the supermarkets. 

I prefer any cherry type tomato, I've eaten so many this year as it was a tremendous year for tom's both outdoors and in the greenhouse (even though it did get very hot in there during the heatwave), and was eating handfuls of sun warmed toms straight off the plant. 

examples are Supersweet, Sweet Aperitif, Garnet, Rosella, my favourite would be a yellow variety called Sungold which are just like eating sweets.

or a nice beefsteak tomato like Gourmandia, which were massive and so tasty. 

I'd encourage anyone to try growing a few tomato plants even in containers on a patio.    
wonderoushen Female
8 days ago
I agree TBA, I love black russian, they have an almost honey like sweetness and a nice acidity.

Even if you just have a window box or a hanging basket then grow tomatoes, the taste when eaten fresh off the plant and still warm from the sun is incredible.
Pixiefluff Female
8 days ago
Samx Male
8 days ago
The tomato plant, except for the fruit is poisonous. In the Middle Ages, people thought that even the fruit was poisonous, because they were eating them off pewter plates, which contain lead. The tomatoes’s acid desolved the latter and poisoned the eater. Even today, some people say, that consuming tomatoes exacerbates arthritis…..
HotOrWot Male
5 days ago
I should have said that I don't know anyone who is a big fan of tomatoes other than those who grow their own. LOLOL
Blue-Poppy Female
4 days ago
I grew Tumbling Toms in hanging baskets this year and a small plum tomato in a tomato pot - both good.

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