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Would you date someone

who went to live on Mars

sonofEasteregg Male
8 days ago
whilst you had to stay here
Samx Male
8 days ago
I don’t think at my age, especially as we have not yet reached Mars. However, eventually there will be a Martian population of human beings. If humans intend to colonise the universe, this will have to be the first step. Something to think about for your grandchildren!
Dudley2000 Male
8 days ago
i have dated a few where their moving to Mars would be a bonus lol
Minnie-the-Minx Female
7 days ago
Did you piss them off that much, Dudley? :D
MrQuiet Male
7 days ago
HotOrWot Male
7 days ago
It would be good to send all those annoying people to Mars.
sonofEasteregg Male
7 days ago
MSE have their head office on Mars, I think.
CircusMaximus Male
7 days ago
If she moved to Mars to farm food such as Skittles, M&Ms and Mars bars I would be interested.
G-O-W Female
6 days ago
I could be dead by the time they got back!
Zealous_Zack Male
4 days ago
I'd have no objections to Mars but if it was Saturn that is entirely different matter.
On-The-Beach Male
4 days ago
Currently, with our existing technology, it takes approxiamately 9 months to travel the average 40,000,000 miles (40M miles) to get to Mars BUT, due to the differing time durations that Earth and Mars each take to complete their own orbit around Sol, our local star, any successful trip and touchdown on Mars would involve waiting a couple of months until Mars and Earth were, again, close enough to facilitate an efficient, 'shortest route possible' return to Earth.

This sweet spot, where the distance between the two planets is closest occurs, on average , every 26 months.

Get it wrong or miss this opportunity and you'd have to wait while Mars travelled way, way out to a distance of 93,000.000 miles from Earth before returning back within range again on the next 26 month cycle.

The truth though?

Anyone with a lifestyle that includes Midsummer as a distraction are never, in a million years, going to be dating the kind of superman or superwoman currently being trained for humanity's first manned mission to Mars.

My guess is that Christina Koch, an American engineer and NASA astronaut, already a veteran of several I.S.S missions, including being the first woman to perform a space walk, (1 of 4 she's now completed), and also holding a flight duration record of 328 days in space, will become the first woman to walk on the Moon and probably be one of the first humans to set foot on Mars, probably by the late 2020's.

And yes. Koch is married

Google "Let's Go to Mars! Calculating Launch Windows" for some cool animations demonstrating the Hohmann transfer orbit calculations to compute the most efficient route to and from the Red planet.
fosy Male
3 days ago
has anyone had sex in space yet ?

surely with mixed crews they will be gagging for it [purely from a scientific p.o.v. of course!]. ;¬)
Minnie-the-Minx Female
2 days ago
Dating might be a relative term.  It's a long commute.  Dates would be infrequent, by necessity.
terry Male
2 days ago
So long as I could use my bus pass to get there

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