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My luck is changing...

waiting for the big one....

jpv Male
3 months ago
My premium bond wins...

April - 175
May - 0
June - 25
July - 150
Aug - 50
Sept - 150
Oct - 125
persona_non_grata Male
3 months ago
hat's good going,. Mine was.

April £25
May £25
June £25
July 0
August 0
Sept £75
Oct £25

I thought that was ok but I'm gutted now lol.
Pixiefluff Female
3 months ago
Hey congrats! I forgot to get any.. I'm not that lucky with winning stuff but I'm very lucky in other ways!
NoneOfTheAbove Male
3 months ago
Christ! with those wins JPV I'm now not surprised that it looks like ERNIE's lost my numbers down the back of the sofa.This year so far is my worst in respect of wins and amounts for 25 years.  At least the pot has been increased by the largest amount in over 40 years and there could be nearly 100k more prizes given out this month. 

So fingers crossed.    
lindy Female
3 months ago told me the other day I could win when I least expected it.....but me thinks good old Ernie has forgotten me!!  fickle Ernie and his cart!!
Andromeda Female
3 months ago
Well done jpv and png I'm wondering when my win is likely lol
wonderoushen Female
3 months ago
Congrats to jpv and png, my parents had them for years and never won anything much, I don't have any as I'm not a lucky person like that, I dont' do the lottery or any of those competition types things as I so rarely win anything I don't even break even.
MrQuiet Male
3 months ago
Wellllll, you have to be in it to win it :)
Orson Male
3 months ago
At one’s pensionable age one could only hope for granny bonds.
fosy Male
3 months ago
have the offers of marriage come flooding in yet ? ;¬)
jpv Male
3 months ago
That would more certainly happen if I win the lotto!
but I don't bother with them much as the odds are very low.
wonderoushen Female
3 months ago
You have to be in it to lose your money too MrQ
G-O-W Female
3 months ago
You don't lose your money in premium bonds though.
My sister gas some and gets the odd £25.
I have one (somewhere) in my late husband's name. But it was his birth name, and then it was changed when he was adopted.
I'm guessing, I'd need his adoption certificate, our marriage certificate and his death certificate + I no longer have his surname since remarrying.
It's only one . Maybe you can figure out why I've never chased it!
HotOrWot Male
3 months ago
Premium Bonds are good for those who want a little thrill of gambling without actually gambling.
wonderoushen Female
3 months ago
If you don't actually "win" any money on premium bonds, whilst you might not actually lose any, you don't even gain the miniscule percentage you'd get from an ISA or deposit account. But then I'm not a gambler and don't see the thrill or the point of it.
Mumsie Female
3 months ago
One £25-00, in many years, not much chance me winning big or small either 
NoneOfTheAbove Male
3 months ago
if I win the lotto! but I don't bother with them much as the odds are very low.

Presumably that was also the thoughts of the six EuroMllions jackpot winners in the UK this year.
£171m a fortnight ago, £195m on 19 July, £184m on 10 May, £110m on 2 September, a £109m on 4 February and £54m on 10 June.

But as they say, "You gotta be in it to win it", however unlikely the chances are.

Meanwhile it's a bust again this month on the PB front.

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