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The end of the world is nigh.

Or choose your own doom laden sentiment. :-)

On-The-Beach Male
4 months ago
The end of the world is nigh.

Or choose your own doom laden sentiment.

The data superhighway that connects the world's online computer networks consists of a web of fibre-optic cables spanning all continents and land masses ... but it lies completely vulnerable to terror attacks or bad actors like Putin who could, presumably, easily send down submarines to cut through the networks.

Yes. I realise that the original WWW was set up to provide an "unbreakable" communication network for the military but, with the whole planet now relying on a fast, instant high speed broadband, cvivilisation would be extremely hindered or annulled by the breakdown of this global communication system even though the original aims was to produce a system that couldn't be tripped up.

Why bring this up now? Well. I awoke to a dead internet connection, (via TV Now - part of the Sky Group), having previously caught a snip of news about the overnight sabotage of the Russian gas pipelines around 5am..

Around 8am, I commanded Alexa with "Light on" but nothing happened and I realised my internet was down and when a reset didn't fix things I thought ... Putin?

A crazy thought, for sure, but having run down to the bottom of the garden to find a radio to find out news the old fashion way, I discovered I couldn't get anything to tune in and I though … Radio Suppression Activity??? Jeez ... maybe I'm not being crazy after all.

I ran across the road to see Bob and Audrey on the market stalls but they don't even have the internet so they were no help.

Then I saw a next door neighbour and asked ... "Is your internet down?"

"Yes it is”, she said and I said "Are you on Now TV broadband too?"

She said "No. We are on PlusNet but, apparently all the net is out even as far down as Plymouth."

And now I'm thinking ... OMG ... No way can two different internet providers be down at the same time unless there is something seriously wrong.

I dash across to the market again and jokingly warn Bob and his wife to "go home now while you can" because Putin has knocked out the internet"

Their glassy eyes just look through me. "We aint got the internet, Chris. We don't know what you mean."

Several of us then had a good laugh talking about minisubs, undercover spies and my own Zombie Apocalypse preparations before I bought a set of steel car ramps from Bob for a tenner and then came home again ... by which time the internet was back on. :-)

But seriously? Our intercontinental internet cables, just like our telecommunication satellites, are extremely vulnerable to attack and, for all we know, Putin, (or someone like him), might change the course of history by becoming the first despo (or country) to hold the world to ransom, (or worse), by simply starving the world of any ability to communicate globally.

So what do you think? We have always feared nuclear war but someday could the world end by simply being throttled by its comms being choked? After all, it is said that a civilisation is usually destroyed by innovations connected to its greatest achievements.
wonderoushen Female
4 months ago
I think such things are far more likely than a nuclear attack.

But you seem to have internet now and we've had no shut downs or losses.

But just think, if the internet went down we'd have to start using cash again, sending actual letters to each other, going shopping in real shops or via mail order from real catalogues, just like we did in the pre-internet age, and yet somehow we didn't feel as if we were living in a sack, life was mostly good. Shock horror, we might actually have to talk to people face to face and watch on tv as a family instead of everyone on individual screens.
Samx Male
4 months ago
Nice post and nice comment don’t
On-The-Beach Male
4 months ago
Yes. Imagine it, Hen.

Amazon having to drag its billions of products out into acres and acres of fields, giant car parks or leased airfields simply to unload its stock - like a vast, huge car boot sale. :-) (Or resorting back to advertising products in giant Grattan style catalogues.

Or ... in a few years from now, Tesla's fleet of 2 million robotaxis being grounded and put out of service due to no internet connection.

Satnav breaking down. And stock markets and trading companies and online stores and things like Facebook / Meta all grinding to a halt.

And warfare? Modern warfare uses comms and the net to co-ordinate scores or hundreds of military "resources" where every ordinance, plane, tank or soldier (or enemy), is networked into one connected and choreographed symphony of deployment.

The need for the internet has become ubiquitous - like oxygen or water.

Heck. Beach Cottage would be rendered impotent with its 'smarts' disengaged.
FBF_Peace Male
4 months ago
Losing the internet totally would bring untold problems and I doubt even our techy On the Beach could list all of them. Turning back or obliterating technology would not be good and if Beach Cottage was rendered impotent then what hope for the world.

Even the simplest of people doing the simplest of tasks are likely to be relying on the internet in some ways.
lindy Female
4 months ago
I had a wee smile at this one. About ten years ago after a bad RTA and head injury I was sent to see a specialist guy dealing in head trauma's.  Lots of fatigue etc.  

I told him how I'd wanted to wash all my violes and couldn't because of this chronic fatigue.  Just what was a girl to do if she couldn't wash all her voiles in one day? 

He just looked at me and said "did the world come to an end?"

No it didn't and the world may not come to an end any time soon...although it might!  

The world may end as we know it but as AI takes more and more of a hold I suspect we're already well groomed for a zombie apocalypse.  What do I know? hahaha
wonderoushen Female
4 months ago
I know it would cause untold damage and disruption to all our world wide systems, but it is worth remembering that we all managed to live well without being connected by the internet.

It might also be worth thinking about how much tech we want and how happy are we about the amount of control it seems to have over our lives.

OTB, Imagine if you had to go back to a world where there were still computers, but you had to load stuff onto it from a floppy disc, would your head explode or would you remember skills you'd forgotten?
G-O-W Female
4 months ago
'Satnav breaking down'

Got that one covered at least: think I can still remember how to read a map. I always carry on in the car, just in case.
Kamakanik Male
4 months ago
?? Class
4 months ago
Without Internet - there would be no such thing as ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING - which is now used b around 30% of UK households.

Ditto no ONLINE BANKING - so any non regular bills would need to be paid by cheque and with a stamp costing almost £1 a pop that gets pricy

Accessing COMPARISON SITES would all be via telephone and take far longer
NeverSayNever Female
4 months ago
Well done BOYDELL you've managed to find three things that wouldn't concern me in the slightest.
wonderoushen Female
4 months ago
I've not trusted a satnav since one nearly made me miss my sons wedding, sending us to the wrong side of the county.

Amazon might have to open real shops that sell books and other stuff, we might see a return of the department store, we might see real jobs for real people, we might see the return of things like travel agents, people might have to start marketing thier wares in catalogues, or market stalls, small shops etc. People might actually have to go around shops and do a stock take to see what needs ordering, a system that still seems more responsive than POS restocking.

I think the world would slow down to a more manageable pace, no social media, would it mean less bullying and nastiness or would more people become poison pen letter writers?
vanman Male
4 months ago
And, more important, There would be no ''!!

Shock horror!
4 months ago
Amazon and the like would have to operate via Call Centres - so that would be an extra expense consumer would pay for.

Consumers would revert to what many of us did pre Internet era - any major new purchase would involve shopping around on the phone for best deal - whilst many Retailers would use newspaper advertising to garner more business.
Neros1954 Male
4 months ago
I wish I had a quid for each end of the world scare I have lived through.
Greencare Female
4 months ago
Me too Neros. Wasn't it the Jehovah one time?
MrQuiet Male
4 months ago
End of the world? Not again lol.

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