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In the light of current machinations in Whitehall

can one still believe in anything Boris is sprouting?

Samx Male
3 months ago
Is it truly is possible that anyone is still in favour of this compulsive liar?
Greencare Female
3 months ago
Obviously some are but it's difficult to see why.
wonderoushen Female
3 months ago
Some are, but watching him being interviewed by the BBC's Chris Mason just now, I can't believe that really believes anyone will believe that he's actually telling the truth now, why should we, he's proved time and again he's a serial liar and not to be trusted.
Minnie-the-Minx Female
3 months ago
His pants are on fire, for sure.  
Pixiefluff Female
3 months ago
No. Not me never did. But he still has his fans somewhere.. 

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