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What have you won?

CircusMaximus Male
13 days ago
I accidentally watched a bit of Wheel of Fortune with Nicky Campbell, I think that is who it was, hopelessly flirting with the ladies which was very funny but even funnier was the two prizes.
A tallboy and a trouser press.
I think it was an old episode lol.
Andromeda Female
13 days ago
I don't like Nicky Campbell but a young Bradley Walsh doing the show was good. I won a trip on the Windsor Duck Boat.
wonderoushen Female
13 days ago
A bottle of Bristol Cream Sherry and a tin of pears in a tombola raffle at the school bring and buy sale, I didn't like tinned pears and I was to young for the sherry.

I entered one of those "first 50 names picked out of a hat gets..." and half a bottle of Glen Morangie turned up on winter solstice moring some weeks later, I said thank you to the universe for the gift.
Pixiefluff Female
13 days ago
I won a drawing competition in Bournemouth when I was little a few years running, and one in Wales somewhere.. and a competition in the newspaper for tickets to a.pantomime many years ago. I don't actually seem to win a lot, but I'm lucky in other ways. Like if I need something I might get an unexpected call saying that someone is giving away that very thing etc... Or stumble across it unexpectedly.
Samx Male
13 days ago
Don’t remember having won anything at any time. Am I am lucky? I guess so. For some years has spent more money than getting back on the lottery, so no longer play that.
Andromeda Female
13 days ago
I've had a lot of small wins on lottery tickets at fetes and functions.
HotOrWot Male
12 days ago
I won a scissor jack which is still in the box after about twenty years LOLOL
HotOrWot Male
9 days ago
Having rediscovered the scissor jack I won all those years ago I gave it to a young neighbour yesterday so it might get some use at last.
ToBeAdvised Male
7 days ago
The best bit of Bullseye, with good old Jim Bowen, was when he rolled out
"here's what you could've won". Talk about kick the contestants when they're down.

Or when the winning pair of mates did win Bully's Star Prize and had a to share something like a speedboat or a caravan or a complete dinner service.
Remember "Stay out of the black and into the red. Nothing in this game for 2 in a bed" !!!
They don't write them like that anymore.
Pylon2021 Male
7 days ago
"here's what you could've won".

Bit like those that won £M184 on the Euro's last week. :-(

Not me Guv'nor. Stopped doing it years ago.
HotOrWot Male
7 days ago
Most winners of enormous amounts have said it made them less happy and I can fully understand that. Most of us wish for a bit more money. Most of us have thought about what we might spend a million on. Most of our lives would be ruined by several millions of pounds.
RoseyCheeks Female
6 days ago
I win small prizes with my premium bonds several times a year.

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