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Problems accessing MSE

It won't let me in.

Sea Female
25 days ago
Yesterday I could not get in, even though I have discovered others have. Why me or is it just MSE? I had things such as 'timed out' 'This site can't be rerached' and 'Connection is not secure' 'The identity of this website isn't verified' etc. Tried various time yesterday and no luck. Then thought to have a last try at about 11.30 pm before heading to bed and it immediately jumped into action and connected in a blink of an eye. Tried again this morning and MSE had gone back to sleep again, with no reaction whatsoever. Locked out yet again. Tried at odd moments during the day and this has been on both my laptop and my mobile phone (have never previously used phone to access but thought worth a try as laptop failed) but no luck. Now after a couple of fails it suddenly jumped into action again. Am I being rationed, to two minutes a day? Have others been able to get in easily or with problems? Is there anything I can do? A back entrance perhaps? What is the secret? Will not logging out when I turn laptop off at night make a difference? Is there a way to convince my laptop to accept a dodgy insecure MSE cerificate? Any tips appreciated. although bear in mind that I may not be able to get in again to read them. Many thanks.
Sea Female
24 days ago
I am now last. Admin were quite helpful and gave me instructions to remove Cache as may have been why it was saying no certificate etc and not recognising a new one. But then I lost the google page that shows email address to log into. Took me a while to get back. Then tried getting into MSE and it came up with a warning message that Sky Shield was preventing access and where to go to change settings etc. After moving I have only recently had wi-fi connected but I was able to access MSE when first installed. And why did I not get any messages regarding Sky Shield previously? Sky never notified me in any way regarding the fact I had 'Sky Shield'. Anyway on finding it, it appeared that 15 categories were blocked, self harm, drugs , dating etc. I also believe there was some age restriction curfew, hence by a hit and miss fluke, able to scrape in late but not in the day. Sky Shield having a brief catnap perhaps? I could not see a way to just take 'dating' off the list though, only how to turn Sky Shield off completely, which I have. It seems that turning 'Sky Shield' off means that I can now get back into MSE.
Pixiefluff Female
24 days ago
I just need to keep updating my profile every time I try to post on threads for some reason, logging in is fine for me though.

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