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WATERS An acrostic

By ???

Samx Male
A month ago
What I’m chatting about is Aqua, H2O or water – I am the teller.
A fluid precious to every living thing, plant, fish, animal and human fella!
To mechanically move crafts through it you need a paddle, jet or propeller!
Ever looked at swimmers in a pool? Just heads – water is a great leveller.
Remember it is powerful, impressive and if you’re not very careful – a killer!
Searing try places? To keep comfortably cool, buy it from a water seller!
– – – – – – – – – – —————— – – – – – – don’t just tell him –tell her!
Molly Female
29 days ago
Our water is treated to get rid of all the acrostic lol
FBF_Peace Male
28 days ago
They can filter out anything these days lol.

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