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The Poverty Competition

are debates about poverty becoming too competitive?

Pixiefluff Female
5 months ago
You read people whining on about how bad they had it when they were younger and make it sound like people struggling now have no right. It's all very old fashioned attitudes. At the end of the day we live in a wealthy country, and yet people are struggling and it shouldn't have to be, but all you get is... in my day... Ice on the windows... kids have it easy kind of attitude.
Samx Male
5 months ago
Life and events tend to come in cycles. It was famine in the past and they were good times. At the current time we enter into a negative cycle of poverty, short supplies and high prices…….
Laura1961 Female
5 months ago
I think two things:

the first one is those that say ' oh in my day we had a coal fire etc. ' well it's 2022 now and central heating was introduced years ago as was double glazing - life moves on ! We have tv's and microwaves too whereas in the 60's ? there were only 3 tv channels !

the second is, I do not think there should be food banks / free school lunches during the school holidays - there should be no need !
It's 2022 life is supposed to be better than in 1822 !
There also should not be homeless people/families and by homeless I don't just mean the rough sleepers that may be in a shop doorway I mean the family of 4 living in a hotel room ( for hotel read cheap b+b ) for a year whilst they wait on eventually getting a property in social housing.

how would I solve it, I don't know :( if I raised the min wage by what it probably needs to be then some employers / businesses just could not afford the staff or would need to increase their prices/profits so much that it wouldn't be viable. if I raised tax / n.i. then the employees would be worse off.
Jeff Male
5 months ago
There are many possible causes of poverty. For example:-
- Unexpected loss of income during large financial commitments;
- Severe accident to person(s)/property without insurance;
- Wasting money on unnecessarily expensive items, such as the latest smartphone or subscriptions to numerous TV channels;
and so on.
People who are poor should have their cases considered thoroughly, and government help given where appropriate.

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