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Don't know how but

I caught Covid!

Aely Female
A month ago
Actually, Ravspal, if you are reading this, maybe you should do a Covid test.

I thought I had a head cold. Lots of back flow from the nasal area. That caused a bit of an irritated cough. The only person I could have caught it from was my neighbour during a 5 minute outdoor conversation regarding access to his property for my Gas man (a subject for a different thread maybe). He had a cold. He had caught it at work where "everybody had it". Two Covid tests had come up negative so no worries. 3 or 4 days later I obviously had it.

Nearly a week later as I was still snuffly I decided to do a precautionary LFT before attending the Eye Clinic for my Cataract pre-op visit. It was an absolutely, stunningly, no doubt about it, +ve result. So Cataract business is all being rescheduled.

I'm still snuffy but will try a test tomorrow as I should be out of the infectious stage. By the way, the cough was well controlled by small slugs of Rochester Ginger cordial (the one with the kick of 2 very angry mules). A minute or so after a slug a gentle cough was sufficient to expel phlegm stubbornly hiding behind the tonsils. I also dosed myself up with Vit C and a Vit B complex, on the basis that it couldn't hurt and might help. The surgery delivered an Oxygen monitor and pulsimeter so I could check my stats which have remained within the safe limits in spite of my COPD.
Pixiefluff Female
A month ago
Oh no, I thought you hadn't posted for a while, hope it clears up quickly for you!
vanman Male
A month ago
Don't tell everyone or they will all want it! lol ;-)
Mumsie Female
29 days ago
Hope all is well again now

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