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Huggy thread

Warm hugs for a chilly day


twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 07:42 Message #4848759
Good morning fellow huggers,

I hope you're all safe, well and warm after yesterday's storm. Its forecasted to feel like 0 degrees here up till midday today. It was certainly cold yesterday when I went for my Covid booster. The kids loved seeing the snow in the morning.

Roast chicken with all the trimmings for lunch today.

Stay warm everyone and have a lovely day (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))

contender  Male  Leicestershire
28-Nov-2021 08:11 Message #4848760
Morning Twinkle

A good frost last night.

Well I am Race Officer today at the Sailing Club, (An extra Duty) just hopefully I can pack up early as it is so cold. One shall see.

Hugs to all
Pboro Trevor

Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
28-Nov-2021 08:50 Message #4848774
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

A very cold, but bright morning here. Off out food shopping shortly, after breakfast and a coffee.

My son is coming home for a couple of weeks, to give him a change of scenery as he has been working from home since Covid began. Hi company decoded that they no longer needed the office he was assigned to, to which he has never been, so they demolished it. Fortunately a a network engineer he can work from anywhere.

Our last foster cat went on Tuesday and we picked up another, a lovely grey boy about 6 years old, very friendly so we should be able to home him fairly quickly.

Hugs to all


Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire
28-Nov-2021 10:15 Message #4848788
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday huggers

It`s a sunny bright day, but cold! I`m staying in! I`ve spent the third day in, in fact. I`ve substituted my walk for half an hour`s walk around the house. I could have perhaps walked outside for at least two of the three, but that was with hindsight and earlier in the year I had frightening experiences of black ice.

So I will continue to read The Times online and do the jigsaw, which is a suitable theme, entitled Gritting the Road and I would think it was based on 1960`s showing two people shoveling grit out of a small wagon.

hugs hugs hugs


capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
28-Nov-2021 10:22 Message #4848791
good morning guys,
its brass monkeys here,i wont be going far, duvet and netflixs for today,
got new series of joe exotic to get through,lol
have a good one y"all :)

Sea  Female  Essex
28-Nov-2021 10:33 Message #4848795
Good Morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers,
I am in Norfolk for a few days at my daughter's holiday home and it is very wet and flooded. Feel like I am marooned on an island as road outside flooded. I arrived late Tuesday, when lovely and sunny, so managed to get out on the river. I also chanced it between showers on Thursday but did get caught in one, although thankfully not too bad. At the moment a cross between hail, showers, very dark threatening looking clouds and the rare sun glimmer. Plenty of Swans, geese and ducks to watch though but very cold.
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Sending very warm (((Hugs))) from me.

leogirl  Female  Essex
28-Nov-2021 11:15 Message #4848801
good morning twinkle and all the Sunday huggers {{{HUGS}}} to you all .
A cold , sunny morning here in Essex
But with a bowl of warm porridge inside me and a mug of tea I am brave enough to venture outside for a walk.
Yesterday I went to the Christmas bazar . there was nothing exciting to buy , but the food-hamper raffle price ,with a bottle of wine and a bottle of whiskey was good enough reason to spend a tenner on !
my daughter managed to get me an appointment for my booster jab which I missed. This time I will be fetched and brought back in a car so that I AM PROTECTED AS MUCH AS I can against the worrying new virus.
I have to install the Christmas lights in the window this afternoon.

for supper I shall have a marinated porkchop, cabbage, peas and carrots and later on in the evening a piece of white chocolate cake,
stay safe and warm .
by the way what happened to the advent calendar of Vanman????

{{{HJUGS}}} to all

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:33 Message #4848812
Hello contender,

There wasn't a frost on the cars but the temperature is still -1 here at the moment despite the glorious sunshine.

Wrap up warm when you go out to the Sailing Club. At least the wind here seems to have dropped.

Have a good day (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:37 Message #4848813
Hello Pboro Trevor,

I think you'll need another coffee when you get back from your food sop to thaw you out. Don't stay in the freezer aisle too long :)

It will be nice for you to have your son back home with you for a while. I'm going to see my eldest son and family next weekend. The last time I saw him was at the funeral in August. A bit drastic to demolish the office, lucky that he can work remotely.

So not so many cats this week.

Have a good day and I hope you pick up some bargains (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:39 Message #4848815
Hello Keithagain,

I think you have made a wise choice to stay inside.

Your jigsaw sounds like a really good one. I have two to pick up tomorrow.

Stay warm, have a good day (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:42 Message #4848816
Hello capnblackbeard,

It's lovely indoors in a sun filled room but chilly everywhere else even with the heating on. Duvet and Netflixs sounds like a good choice. Hope you have some tasty food to warm you from the inside too?

Enjoy your series. Have a good afternoon (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:44 Message #4848817
Hello Sea,

Luckily you have your canoe with you if necessary to escape from your daughter's holiday home. Your weather sounds like what we had yesterday.

Stay warm, enjoy the bird watching (((HUGS)))

twinkle2  Female  Wiltshire
28-Nov-2021 12:49 Message #4848819
Hello leogirl,

I think it's cold everywhere today. I won't be going outside although I expect my sister will walk the pooch with one of her grandchildren at some point today.

Fingers crossed for your winning ticket in the raffle. We went to an emporium on Thursday and my sister won three things in the tombola. We have also entered their raffle too as it's to help the homeless.

Our doctor's practice had several appointments left yesterday and there is a clinic in Salisbury Cathedral during the week.

Hope the light installation goes well. We are going to ask my niece if she can get the Christmas tree and decorations down from the loft when she finally wakes up!

Advent calendars start on the 1st December which is Wednesday.

Enjoy your supper (((HUGS)))

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
28-Nov-2021 12:51 Message #4848821
. Hope you have some tasty food to warm you from the inside too?

hey twinkle yes im good thanks, got a couple of tins of chum left in the cupboard, il heat one up later,lol

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