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Or not?


CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
27-Nov-2021 23:46 Message #4848747
The black and white squares used at crossings in supermarket car parks.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
27-Nov-2021 23:58 Message #4848753
youre only a target on a zebra crossing,lol

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
28-Nov-2021 08:28 Message #4848767
Actually it's a brilliant question which I have often thought about - sort of in the back of my mind. I have had shoppers step onto the "crossing" expecting the cars to stop but it's not actually a crossing - is it?

jpv  Male  North Yorkshire
28-Nov-2021 08:54 Message #4848775
It is interesting that Zebras hardly get attacked by flies because of the black and white stripes. They carried out experiments to see if the same would apply if humans wore clothes with black and white stripes and the results were the same!

But don't wear such outfits on foreign Safari holidays, one could get locked up for being an escapee!

Pylon2021  Male  North Yorkshire
28-Nov-2021 10:04 Message #4848781
I have had shoppers step onto the "crossing" expecting the cars to stop but it's not actually a crossing - is it?

Well I would treat it as a proper crossing, but bearing in mind that "most" Supermarket car parks are Private Land, then all Car Park signs and markings are only Advisory.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
28-Nov-2021 10:07 Message #4848783
hmmm, even if not mandatory, if you mowed someone down, you would probably have a very difficult explanation to make to the police afterwards.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
28-Nov-2021 10:32 Message #4848794
Never seen them, we don't have them here.

Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
28-Nov-2021 11:48 Message #4848805
Nearly all our supermarkets, garden centres and DIY stores have these markings in their car park. I take them as an indication of a good place to cross the road but I don't expect cars to stop to let me across although many do.

Luxuriating_Larry  Male  Oxfordshire
28-Nov-2021 16:01 Message #4848838
they are a bit of an unknown quantity. If I'm driving I tend to slow and stop if the pedestrians look as if they are intending to get on with crossing and not dilly dally on the way lol.

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
28-Nov-2021 20:29 Message #4848902
You must always give way when someone is already on a zebra crossing and you're legally required to stop at a zebra crossing once a pedestrian has moved onto the crossing, but, you're not required to stop until the pedestrian has moved onto the crossing.
Obviously, it's not worth the risk not stopping which is probably why most drivers tend to stop if someone is heading towards the crossing.

Personally I never assume someone is going to stop if I'm on a crossing and I never assume someone is going to wait before crossing if I'm driving.
I'd just sooner not take the risk in either case as getting it wrong is definitely going to spoil your day.

MrQuiet_aka_MrD  Male  Northamptonshire
28-Nov-2021 22:18 Message #4848929
The crossings painted on private land are not zebra crossings and give no more priority to pedestrians than crossing a road anywhere but as a driver I stop and allow them across.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
29-Nov-2021 09:51 Message #4849001
I can't imagine why anyone would not stop to let a pedestrian cross safely, whether on private property or not. I just don't understand the kind of mentality that would put other vulnerable road users at risk, just for the sake of being bloody minded. You need to be more careful than anywhere in a car park where anyone could walk out from behind another vehicle without seeing you. I could never forgive myself if I injured someone else. Whatever happened to good old fashioned kindness and courtesy?

NoSaint  Female  Devon
29-Nov-2021 11:52 Message #4849021
I don't think drivers are necessarily bloody minded but genuinely see these car park crossings as a guide for pedestrians for a sensible place to cross. They are not in any way zebra crossings Andes a pedestrian I would never treat them as such.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
29-Nov-2021 12:14 Message #4849034
its just the same as reversing out of a space in a supermarket car park, driver wont give you a minute,
they can see you easier than you see them
and if they hold up they can have the space,



Strand  Male  Dorset
29-Nov-2021 13:10 Message #4849042
"Give way to pedestrians at all times."

You would have been taught that mantra leading up to your driving test. (I was and have remembered it all my driving life).

It applies in this case; whether there is a black and white crossing on private land or not.

Greencare  Female  Berkshire
29-Nov-2021 14:01 Message #4849057
I hate it when the car in front suddenly stops for what seems no reason and then they wave across a pedestrian to be "polite" which I think is dangerous to other road users and the pedestrian.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
30-Nov-2021 07:16 Message #4849178
I was at a shopping complex and because of this thread was watching the happenings around the "almost zebra like crossing".
Not a lengthy survey but just a few minutes watching who did what.

I didnt see any pedestrian stepping out treating it as a proper crossing.

About half the cars stopped if there was a pedestrian waiting.

So I suppose they do work as a convenient place to cross as long as there are no wild expectations LOLOL

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
30-Nov-2021 10:37 Message #4849220
Greencare I agree, I've had that happen to me when I'm crossing the road, all the traffic in one lane has stopped, but not the other/s, then I have an impatient and angry seeming driver waving at me because I won't cross, they don't seem to see that its not safe.

Greencare  Female  Berkshire
30-Nov-2021 13:25 Message #4849242
Be aware. That is the rule of walking or driving.

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