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A Christmas poem by a POW in Russia

Translated from German by me


Samx  Male  Suffolk
17-Nov-2021 14:01 Message #4847041
The night is dark, no home of your own!
Work calls, you step into a freezing storm!
Is it Christmas night, you do not know.
For you there’s no cosy fire, no festive glow.

You are alone in an alien land.
For you there is no woman’s hand,
no children’s laughter, no loving heart!
Just anxiety and pain, for being apart!

Yet, once there was a holy pair,
worse off and in more despair!
Banned from the inn to a byre
proving love’s eternal fire!

Strand  Male  Dorset
17-Nov-2021 17:59 Message #4847061
There can't be two people capable of writing such poetical nonsense so I reckon you penned that POW verse yourself.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
17-Nov-2021 18:14 Message #4847064
sams to young to have been a pow , use your common sense,

Samx  Male  Suffolk
17-Nov-2021 20:12 Message #4847099
Thank you Strand, for your heartless comment.

I learnt this poem, in German, as a young lad. It was a tradition to I sing, play an instrument or learn a poem by heart every Christmas.

Strand  Male  Dorset
17-Nov-2021 20:46 Message #4847105

Your poetry is ... Well ... You remind me of the out of tune singers that occasionally used to appear on Britain's Got Talent.

Like you, they were tone deaf and like you, they assumed they had a talent where there was none whatsoever.

The audience liked their performances though ... because they were so dire as to be amusing.

Ah ... but you are German?

That might explain things then.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
17-Nov-2021 21:55 Message #4847114
id image that you would not even be good enough to get on bgt, strand

Wandering4fun  Male  North Yorkshire
17-Nov-2021 22:07 Message #4847121
I hope one unimportant critic does not put you off Samx. There are some gems amongst your poems and jokes and many of us appreciate your good work in entertaining us.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
17-Nov-2021 22:09 Message #4847122
thats the whole thing about critics,
they never have nothing good to say,lol

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
18-Nov-2021 07:15 Message #4847146

Samx  Male  Suffolk
18-Nov-2021 13:23 Message #4847192
Strand, I am not German, but a polyglot (If you know what that means). I can see, that you TRY to be a critic, but have not the qualification and a heart of stone (or should that be coal, at this time of year). I would very much appreciate if you could keep your opinions to yourself. Silence tends to be less cutting. This will be my last word on this issue

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
18-Nov-2021 17:05 Message #4847200
To be fair some of the most acclaimed poems I have seen published I have thought were rubbish. It's all down to what we enjoy.

Samx  Male  Suffolk
18-Nov-2021 21:46 Message #4847219
Thanks to the relevant gentlemen to be appreciative and supportive. It is much appreciated!

Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
28-Nov-2021 15:26 Message #4848832
The right approach instead of being nasty and judgemental , here,, it would be kinder .
Life can be difficult enough for some, don't add negativity to their lives, in this manner

Molly  Female  South Yorkshire
28-Nov-2021 15:31 Message #4848834
Well said Mumsie.


Mumsie  Female  Warwickshire
29-Nov-2021 16:20 Message #4849093
thank you Molly I find it a better approach

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