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And last bite.

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CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
16-Nov-2021 22:32 Message #4846951
What is the best drink and snack to consume before going to bed?

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
16-Nov-2021 23:09 Message #4846961
Cheese sandwich. Always get good dreams after a cheese sandwich.

NoSaint  Female  Devon
16-Nov-2021 23:10 Message #4846962
Cheese and crackers with a glass of wine.

Neros1954  Male  Devon
16-Nov-2021 23:11 Message #4846963
Cheese! I thought it should be avoided.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
17-Nov-2021 07:19 Message #4846976
I sometimes have a bowl of cereal before bed.

jpv  Male  North Yorkshire
17-Nov-2021 08:37 Message #4846982
My response may not sound very exciting or what people wish to hear, but I think it is worth mentioning.

I used to snack most nights, mainly salted peanuts with beer. Over years, I cut down on the beers but I was still having late-night snacks.

However, recently after listening to Michael Mosley's podcast on BBC podcast, "Just One Thing", (link below), I consciously decided to give it a go. So after my evening meal normally between 6 pm and 7 pm, I have nothing else except water, normally hot water as Some Like it Hot, not to mention that the tap water here is absolutely fabulous.

My next meal would be the breakfast next morning.

The benefits I have seen in just over two months:
I have now lost nearly half a stone by implementing just this one change and I feel a lot more active all day. Also, I sleep better and get less vivid dreams.


Some Like it Hot: 1959: Great film, Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon...

Greencare  Female  Berkshire
17-Nov-2021 09:31 Message #4846983
i might give that a try jpv because I like to snack in the evenings and I'm sure it does my sleep no good. Not to mention my weight!

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
17-Nov-2021 10:29 Message #4846988
Plain water and a little chocolate.

Samx  Male  Suffolk
17-Nov-2021 13:23 Message #4847030
It varies according to mood and availability.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
17-Nov-2021 13:33 Message #4847036
Sam. why not presume for the moment that you are in an average mood and everything you need is available lol.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
17-Nov-2021 15:53 Message #4847049
I thought everyone aged over 50 drank Horlicks lol.

Luxuriating_Larry  Male  Oxfordshire
17-Nov-2021 18:31 Message #4847072
Horlick is for the oldies. Us kids prefer Ovaltine lol.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
17-Nov-2021 18:37 Message #4847076
Horlicks and Ovaltine yuk.

Luxuriating_Larry  Male  Oxfordshire
17-Nov-2021 18:38 Message #4847078
It's one of those or sex. That is the three choices lol.


eurostar  Female  Merseyside
17-Nov-2021 20:55 Message #4847108
Usually hot milk honey and cinnamon but from 1st December it's a glass or two of gluewein scrummy

Pylon2021  Male  North Yorkshire
17-Nov-2021 21:49 Message #4847113
A good treble of my favourite Single Malt.

Today's is Jura Journey.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
18-Nov-2021 07:22 Message #4847154
A good treble of my favourite Single Malt.

I don't mind if I do LOLOL

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
18-Nov-2021 11:36 Message #4847184
Nope, none of them, if forced I might have some very good quality hot chocolate.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
19-Nov-2021 07:23 Message #4847246
Is hot chocolate as popular as it used to be?

Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
19-Nov-2021 08:09 Message #4847256
My last drink of th e evening would be my teapot with a couple of cuppas and maybe a biscuit.

Templar2013  Male  South East London
19-Nov-2021 12:59 Message #4847297
I was brought up to avoid cheese as it would give me nightmares, coffee because it would keep me awake and alcohol because it would make me hyper-active. It's possible my parents didn't like to see me enjoying myself lol.

fosy  Male  Leicestershire
19-Nov-2021 22:30 Message #4847395

aint that the truth....! ..... ;¬)

leogirl  Female  Essex
20-Nov-2021 01:02 Message #4847402
milk and honey with perhaps a drop of brandy or whiskey .


HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
20-Nov-2021 07:21 Message #4847414
That sounds tasty leogirl.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
20-Nov-2021 10:26 Message #4847460
We all like a nibble before going to sleep.

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