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Do not feed a troll

Do not encourage their madness!

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FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
1-Nov-2021 11:16 Message #4844872
That is my opinion but nobody has to listen to me any more than they have to listen to the troll. Most trolls inject a bit of humour or join in with a conversationor two but when a particularly nasty troll appears and attempts to indoctrinate their insane views and dangerous views on others it is better to ignore. I know many wont see the troll as they have blocked him and most of the posts (almost all the posts) which appear on his threads are either critical or laughing at him but it still has a negative effect on the forum.

I will not be naming anyone because that should not be necessary unless I am wrong in which case the troll will remain a mysterious character - or characters

MrQuiet_aka_MrD  Male  Northamptonshire
1-Nov-2021 11:18 Message #4844873
You are right not to name anyone. Anyone who recognises the troll will only do so if your description is correct. Anyone not recognising the troll will be because you are incorrect.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
1-Nov-2021 11:55 Message #4844883
i love the irony of someone with the name toll patrol, warning me what i should read or not read,
as a grown up it offends me that someone would think i am not capable of making an informed decision on such things,

this is like teacher covering my eyes to a woman exposing herself in the park, shirley if i want to look at some chi chis i should be allowed too,lol

Samx  Male  Suffolk
1-Nov-2021 14:33 Message #4844908
How to recognise a troll: long, lingering, repetitive, often nonsensical hogwash. I do not block people, but give trolls the thumbs down. I seldom comment on them, because it encourages to dispatch more rubbish by them.

Luxuriating_Larry  Male  Oxfordshire
1-Nov-2021 14:47 Message #4844909
To be fair capn the OP wrote "That is my opinion but nobody has to listen to me any more than they have to listen to the troll." so I wouldn't feel too offended lol.

brisinger  Male  Lancashire
1-Nov-2021 17:44 Message #4844928
Naming and shaming is just a form of cyber bullying without evidence to back up their allegations. A short while age he who shall remain nameless accused me of dual profiling. It wasn't until another person who knows me in real life stepped in that he backed off. I know of others on here who have experienced the same or have been accused erroneously of being trolls.

CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
1-Nov-2021 17:53 Message #4844930
FBF would have been wrong to name and shame.

Jeff  Male  East Sussex
1-Nov-2021 21:35 Message #4844952
I think that, if one has the time and inclination, one should read/listen to people having unconventional views, and try to see what they are based on. If they rely on (assumed or stated) factual falsehoods, then they should be exposed as such, to try to dissuade other people from being taken in by them. Especially when they can harm people's health. That is more helpful than ignoring them.

Very often MSE's main troll ignores or perverts reliable sources, attributes to me the opposite of what I've written, and writes numerous false insults and vile remarks. That doesn't help his case - it doesn't need a psychology degree to realise that! But I never give such posts the thumbs down, and I hope that Admin doesn't delete them, as they show the troll's personality and the low level of his evidence in that thread.

Brisinger: "Naming and shaming is just a form of cyber bullying without evidence to back up their allegations."
For anyone who isn't aware, MSE's main troll is Blackjack, and I have given a lot of evidence that he is that - e.g. in thread "Reading more pictures solidify." on 27-Oct-21 at 20:12 I posted "You post literally hundreds of statements that have been proved to be false / misleading / misrepresenting / lying with your addition of false insults, but you never admit it. You give vague false smears about me and my sources, and when I ask for details of your accusations, you don't answer. For example, I listed many in "Thinking of the past year What a year" on 25-Apr-21 at 18:24 & 18:25 & 18:59 & 19:00 - taken from just one thread "Asking leading question suggests not interested in answ"."
For some of his false insults from just one thread, see "THIS IS A SITE FOR DATING AND FRIENDSHIPS Why spoil it?" on 17-Jun-21 at 07:33 & & 07:35 & 07:44. They are a form of cyber bullying.

In some other threads I believe many of Blackjack's stated facts and I agree with his views.

BlackMark1  Male  Leicestershire
1-Nov-2021 22:25 Message #4844966
I don't think it was necessary to name anyone Jeff and I think it does the thread a disservice when others had gone to lengths not to do so. just my opinion.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
2-Nov-2021 08:21 Message #4844992
I agree Blackmark. The worst of the worst don't need to be named.

FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
2-Nov-2021 14:45 Message #4845064
lol lol

NoSaint  Female  Devon
12-Nov-2021 22:30 Message #4846379
He will appear but in which guise?

The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
13-Nov-2021 07:26 Message #4846389
And 'He' is not always an he, as some maybe aware.


Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
13-Nov-2021 08:03 Message #4846396
I will not be naming anyone because that should not be necessary unless I am wrong in which case the troll will remain a mysterious character - or characters

By starting this thread you're trolling.
You're a troll who thinks you have the right to police this place and you have the cheek to say "he" (the troll) is having a negative effect on the forum.
15 excellent votes tells you all you need to know, I doubt there are fifteen people on here now.
Perhaps you should take a look at yourself first....


HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
13-Nov-2021 08:10 Message #4846398
Nobody likes a troll. Whoever that troll may be.

Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
13-Nov-2021 09:34 Message #4846410
People do seem to take themselves very seriously on this site. Thank you for making my smile on a gloomy Saturday morning as I read this. Surely, I am not alone in seeing the humour in this thread and the replies.
Anyway, I'm off out with my camera to try and capture the Autumn colours in the wood.

capnblackbeard  Male  Hertfordshire
13-Nov-2021 11:11 Message #4846431
its not just this thread hiero,
i see a lot of trolling on here and not by the peope bieng suspected of the trolling,lol

i get it too minnie, enjoy your day :)

tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire
13-Nov-2021 14:54 Message #4846446
It's often the trolls trying to out-troll each other and sad but funny too.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
13-Nov-2021 15:43 Message #4846451
I don't mind a troll who is pleasant, having fun and not deliberately trying to lower morale.

NoSaint  Female  Devon
13-Nov-2021 21:18 Message #4846481
The problem is colonel that the resident troll is very unpleasant. He thinks members of mse are scum and has said so on many occasions. Why would we feed his miserable attempts to spoil the site.

Greencare  Female  Berkshire
13-Nov-2021 21:34 Message #4846489
sadly true.

Strand  Male  Dorset
14-Nov-2021 15:01 Message #4846557

Did you see the ugly footage of Sarah Moulds, the schoolteacher / horsewoman who recently kicked and slapped a horse for escaping and running around on a highway.

Huntswoman filmed appearing to kick and punch a horse

You present as a similarly ugly spectacle when you, without ever taking a breath, attack individuals you regard as trolls at every single opportunity whether their posts or contributions are offensive, inoffensive or just a routinely uploaded comment.

As such, I find your own nasty outbursts to be just as disruptive and offensive as the alleged trolls you claim to be chastising. In fact, looking at the ridiculous rants and "madness" expressed in the text of the O.P's own profile, (A completely deranged list of comments and quotes obsessing on the subject of trolls), I wouldn't be surprised to learn that you and "he" were the same person anyway.

NoSaint  Female  Devon
14-Nov-2021 15:16 Message #4846559
I see the nasty troll is back in the forum again banging the same old drum. Nasty and boring and hates mse members makes one wonder why he is here unless it is to make everyone here as miserable as he is.

FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
14-Nov-2021 16:40 Message #4846576
Do not feed a troll

Who said that???

Strand  Male  Dorset
14-Nov-2021 20:02 Message #4846605
"I see the nasty troll is back in the forum again."

No you don't. You just use the word troll as a form of general abuse like someone else might inappropriately use the "N" word or the "P" word and you apply the term unjustly and without good reason.

That's how debased your mentality is and it is not OK.

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