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Midsummerseve women in Strathclyde, Scotland... ?

Why are there practically no women in Scotland who use this site ?

Gentleveggie Male
one year ago
Hi readers,

I have not been on this site for some months now, so I thought that I would take a peek, to see who is around. It seems like the Scottish contingent is completely static... well - it is, if the searcher is looking for women in the Strathclyde area ! More chance of me meeting someone at the North Pole, methinks... (and even then, they are unlikely to be vegetarian... and possibly cold-hearted... LOL !). I think that I counted a whole 6 women within Strathclyde - even when I left the age range at 18-100, or whatever it was ! I wouldn't normally put finger to keyboard and grumble, but I'm just curious: is this website not really recognised in Scotland ? Perhaps people just prefer to pay the big bucks to get the wider audiences ? I found that the other sites just ate my money for absolutely zero benefit... Humph ! Answers on a postcard, please... or maybe just here :-)
ruther76 Male
one year ago
Hi I feel the same in East Yorkshire most profiles you see have been away over a year we clearly have a long wait to meet a woman I guess I've been off and on here since 2016 dont worry woman come on here regularly they might be lass for you eventually broaden your search I do say 30 miles it gives you more opportunities' to message them never lose faith dates will come
HotOrWot Male
one year ago
Patience! LOLOL.
ToBeAdvised Male
one year ago
The sub heading tag of the site is now pretty much historic (as are most of the dormant profiles), by the way.

Dinnae be dafty and pay big bucks, if it's dating you're after there are plenty of free dating sites out there to join, where you can (subject to daily limits) view and message members with no payment required.
HotOrWot Male
one year ago
I'm always impressed by a multilinguistic effort LOLOL

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