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Where to live if you had the choice.

CircusMaximus  Male  North Yorkshire
13-Jan-2021 12:21 Message #4803276
A lot of people are complaining about the UK at the moment whether it's the pandemic or Brexit but if you are unhappy and could move anywhere else in the world where would you choose and why.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
13-Jan-2021 12:30 Message #4803281
Eh I'm not too sure...

I'd like to live in a country with steady weather, not changing every few months or every few minutes.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
13-Jan-2021 14:07 Message #4803301
Malta or the Isle of Man. I would like to live on a much smaller island.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
13-Jan-2021 14:37 Message #4803309
Anywhere local without litter strewn streets and near enough for my son to access his support in an area he has only ever known.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
13-Jan-2021 14:46 Message #4803311
I would probably choose Italy as it's a country I like a lot. I like the weather, people, food, wine and the general nice feel it has being there.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
13-Jan-2021 16:18 Message #4803341
If we're escaping Brexit then there is plenty of choice but escaping Covid could be more difficult. I have always fancied Iceland but I don't know if it would be as pleasurable living there for years as it is visiting for couple of weeks.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
13-Jan-2021 17:26 Message #4803348
The sun would be a contender, I could do with a warmer climate and less people, this growing old thing has some drawbacks.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
13-Jan-2021 18:48 Message #4803365
I can think of few places I'd rather live than here in Britain, I know I'm not well travelled, but I think Britains great, although the weather could do with being a bit more predictable, but I think I'd miss it if I lived somewhere with a climate instead of weather.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
13-Jan-2021 22:35 Message #4803394

"always fancied Iceland but I don't know if it would be as pleasurable living there for years"

oh i dont know..... i hear the menfolk are away fishing the seas for long periods...nudge nudge, wink wink...
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
13-Jan-2021 23:23 Message #4803398
Until 2 or 3 years ago, I would have said that I would never want to live anywhere else. But somewhere with trees and hills, warmer winters and without all the other nonsense going on here seems a lot more appealing now. Northern Greece or Portugal would be nice, or maybe the Picos de Europa in northern Spain.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
14-Jan-2021 16:16 Message #4803477
I like the countryside and a peaceful existence. If I had to leave this country then Southern Ireland would be on my list of preferred places to live.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
14-Jan-2021 18:00 Message #4803492
I would like to live in Switzerland. No wars !!
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
14-Jan-2021 23:06 Message #4803521
Yes Madness. Switzerland is another place I like. I only went for a short visit to the motor show and took in the Hadron Collider and some sight seeing. I was pushing a wheelchair so gave the Matterhorn a miss. I think it would be an expensive place to live.
Madness102  Female  South Yorkshire
15-Jan-2021 01:44 Message #4803538
I didn't say I could afford it !!! :-)

AthenaArena  Female  Essex
15-Jan-2021 13:03 Message #4803581

I live in a shoebox in the middle of the M25 so anywhere would be more acceptable. Previously owner the Monty Python cast - just joking lol.

FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
15-Jan-2021 23:03 Message #4803633
New Zealand. Fantastic country.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
16-Jan-2021 08:31 Message #4803649
Some good choices of places to move to but weighing everything up I would want to stay in the U.K.
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire
17-Jan-2021 10:53 Message #4803804
I would choose the UK over other countries. We must appear to other nations as very self critical online and in the media but I also see a lot of good people and services helping those who are under privileged. I've found it much less caring in other countries.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
18-Jan-2021 07:00 Message #4803953
I couldn't agree more Tsunamiwarrior.

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