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Covid Fines reviewed after women surrounded by police

Too harsh?.....or not harsh enough?

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
9-Jan-2021 08:41 Message #4802855
On the BBC news....under the headline Covid: Fines reviewed after women 'surrounded by police'

A police force that was criticised for its "intimidating" approach to two walkers is to review its lockdown fines policy.

Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore said they were surrounded by police after driving five miles from their home for a walk on Wednesday, and fined £200 each.

Derbyshire Police initially said driving to exercise was "not in the spirit" of lockdown.

But it now says new national guidelines mean it will review its position.

In a statement, the force said all of its fixed penalties issued during the new national lockdown will be reviewed.

Ms Allen, from Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, said she assumed "someone had been murdered" when she arrived at Foremark Reservoir on Wednesday afternoon.

When she and her friend were questioned by police, they were also told by officers the hot drinks they had brought along were not allowed as they were "classed as a picnic".

She said: "The next thing, my car is surrounded. I got out of my car thinking 'There's no way they're coming to speak to us'. Straight away they start questioning us.

"I said we had come in separate cars, even parked two spaces away and even brought our own drinks with us. He said 'You can't do that as it's classed as a picnic'."

Ms Allen said the experience was "very intimidating" and had left her feeling scared of police in general.

Stopping the spread needs serious measures.....especially with the previous attempts not being enough and the current spread escalating quickly....

Although perhaps 'within the rules'......I thought that one of the ideas was to stop people mixing, from households,to streets, to neighbourhoods, to towns, to counties, to countries etc to keep things contained in one area.....Not passing anything between different areas etc....

It's being reviewed now......but were the Police too harsh...or not harsh enough......

I think not harsh enough........How are we going to stop this Covid thing if we namby pamby to the delicate brigade....Harsh measures are needed....
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
9-Jan-2021 08:58 Message #4802856
The thing that I find most striking is where all of these police officers suddenly appear from. In all the videos I've seen, there are half a dozen or more surrounding the poor unfortunate criminal.
So much for a dire shortage of coppers.

The rules are too complicated, too open to interpretation and this lockdown is a farce.
95% of the people down my street are working as normal, I've been told I'm to work as normal and I can even do overtime if I want.
There is not the urgency of the original lockdown, maybe people have had enough, the novelty has worn off or people feel safer than they did last year.
It sounds harsh, but having death and infection figures rammed down your throat each day is bound to make people immune to them after a while - personally I think the initial shock has worn off.
The govt are running out of options, maybe they will need to rethink....
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
9-Jan-2021 09:20 Message #4802857
Most people I've heard voicing opinions want a much harsher lockdown but it still seems fairly evenly divided so any measures will please some and anger others.
From day one the rules have been clear enough and with the regular updates on television I doubt anyone is honest when the say they were confused.
As for the occasional revelation in the media, sixty million people from all walks of life will always give the media a good story. Social media messages have been disgusting and have led to a lot of extra deaths due to those taking notice of media instead of official news. The laws are clear and well publicised so no excuses. You break the law you get punished.

Sometimes it's reminiscent of the speeding drivers with no regard for the lives and well being of those around them getting caught and then blaming a camera? ? ?
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
9-Jan-2021 09:39 Message #4802858
95% of the people down my street are working as normal, I've been told I'm to work as normal and I can even do overtime if I want.

I'm surprised it's like that in your part of the country. I spent a couple of days this week delivering PPE to schools as some are open but most are closed. I've been working throughout the pandemic and town centres are like ghost towns. Central London is very quiet and all the numerous office blocks empty.
On the roads it's like driving around on a Sunday and even the M25 which is notoriously busy most of the time is relatively peaceful.

The only busier places I've seen have been parks and woodland walks as people/families get out to exercise.

The particular case reported seems excessive but that might depend on knowing the finer details. It might have been better to have led the ladies back to their cars and sent them hope. There are plenty of more serious cases where a fine would be in keeping with the regulations.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
9-Jan-2021 09:41 Message #4802859
"sent them hope" a good idea but should have read "sent them home".
connexkev  Male  East Sussex
9-Jan-2021 09:52 Message #4802860
This lockdown has not been the same as the first one. There is a lot more traffic on the roads and more businesses are open.
I live in a small town but have to shop a few miles away at the supermarket as its cheaper and some of the items I need are not available locally. Derbyshire Police seem to have a reputation for going over the top. They must have got instructions to do what they did from their superiors, but now they seem to be stepping back and having a rethink.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
9-Jan-2021 09:52 Message #4802861
"Social media messages have been disgusting and have led to a lot of extra deaths due to those taking notice of media instead of official news. "

I'm intrigued HotOrWot what you consider "official news" and why you are so sure it's telling you the truth?
Social media is not just idiots like me thinking they know it all, there are plenty of "qualified" professionals who post stuff there too.

The school where I work is open for kids of key workers but the head has told all staff to come in if they want. Back in March we shut completely.
I guess most of those in my street are not able to work from home, but out of about 25 houses most were heading off at their usual time.
It just feels very different and apart from most kids not being at school we are carrying on as normal.
It's like Tier 4 with a bit of a twist....
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
9-Jan-2021 10:07 Message #4802862
If I drive less than 5 miles not only can I be in 2 different Boroughs one way but a different County the other.
So I reckon that the Derbyshire Police are correct that driving that far to exercise is "not in the spirit" of lockdown as you're supposed to stay local.
Don't agree with the alleged over zealous enforcement but if they'd just walked where they lived and had a cuppa when they got back no-one would've been any the wiser.
They brought it upon themselves.
We've still been been allowed the luxury of so much latitude under this latest lockdown rules, and the trouble is, people given an inch will still take a mile (or 5 as in this case!!).
contender  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2021 10:17 Message #4802863
Sadly this situation happened quite a bit in the first Lockdown, where people would drive to a location and go for a walk?

The rules for Lockdown are quite clear in that:-
You can go for a local walk from home.
You can drive to go shopping for food, and return home.
Otherwise you stay at home.

It's a pain but necessary, and I want to go sailing, but can't due to the above!

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
9-Jan-2021 11:25 Message #4802874
They may have been breaking the spirit of the lockdown, but the police were definately overzealous. Like those in many rural areas I have to drive more than 5 miles to access services like GP's, I just scrape in at 4 miles to get to the nearest supermarket. Its not unusual in areas like mine to have to travel more than 10 miles to access services. I am lucky that I have some lovely places to walk to from home.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2021 12:13 Message #4802882
i would like to see more activity by the police enforcing the lockdown, as a lot of people still dont get it.
compared to the first lockdown, this time there is little difference in traffic volumes around town that as a cyclist i have noticed....i was hoping the roads would be quiet.

the woman at the butchers made the comment that footfall hasnt changed this time, shes of the opinion people are just ignoring the rules.

my local park is rammed with people failing to socially distance and generally being thoughtless to those around them.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
9-Jan-2021 14:04 Message #4802897
Well with all the rhetoric about wearing a mask outside in the fresh air, you could argue that someone sitting in their car is less of a risk to others than a person on a bike.
The people in their cars may be going to or coming from work, they might have little choice but to venture out.
Those who don't need to work are in a fortunate position...
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
9-Jan-2021 15:34 Message #4802908
It's a trying time for everyone. We can only do our best to protect ourselves and others.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
9-Jan-2021 16:47 Message #4802915
Travelling to exercise was resolved during last lockdown.
Ok to travel to remote location, within reasonable distance.
One woman was told she could not have a coffee, because it counted as a picnic!

Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
9-Jan-2021 16:53 Message #4802917
Also, you have to remember, these women were in the middle of no where.
No danger to anyone at all, at least until the police turned up!
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
9-Jan-2021 17:19 Message #4802921
Difficult for us all to judge each others lives.....We all have different situations, and are trying to follow rules that are often open to interpretation etc....

Also, something that someone regards as essential, for instance, is completely non essential to others.....

Tourist areas around the country are attracting crowds.....Even when most facilities are closed, tourists are still turning up....

It's happening at various places around here.....Cotswolds, Bourton on the Water, for instance......Police are constantly turning people away.....

The incident above, The Foremark Reservoir, is a tourist spot........If people travel a few miles to meet there, then there's a chance that they either aren't aware of the things they should avoiding, or if they are aware, then they should expect a Police presence.....

If you are going to drive to a tourist area a few miles away at the moment, and you spot the Police when you get there, who then stop you so they can have a word, what do you think it's highly likely to be about?......Especially if you haven't committed any murders....or done any drug deals......or have a dodgy brake light.....
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
9-Jan-2021 17:32 Message #4802925
i not overly concerned about mask wearing outside as long as people keep a safe distance from each other.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
9-Jan-2021 21:47 Message #4802941
Thank god for that, I just hope our leaders are of the same mind...

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