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Times Radio

A new radio station for the Wireless Group might be worth a listen

The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
26-May-2020 11:48 Message #4781163
I listen to different radio stations through the day (e.g. Radio 2, LBC, Union Jack, Virgin Radio & TalkSport (the latter 2 both part of the Wireless Group which is owned by News UK/News Corp Intl i.e. Rupert Murdoch).
Anyway, I heard on Virgin today that their new current affairs/news/political channel on DAB & online called Times Radio (so in effect the Times & Sunday Times on the radio) is due to start soon.
It's to be hosted by a selection of presenters & journalists with a news, political and broadcasting background.

It might be an interesting listen given some of the presenters they've got e.g. Stig Abell the Times Literary supplement editor, John Pienaar until Feb the BBC deputy political editor, and various other news presenters, political editors and even Michael Portillo has a Friday night show looking at cultural events of the week (presumably when he's not somewhere on a train !!!).
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
26-May-2020 12:46 Message #4781165
It could be worth listening to....

One of the stations you mentioned has my favourite radio thing of all time......Talksports Clips of the Week......

I used to listen to Talksport a lot....not as much now....but I am always listening to the Clips of the week....They are on youtube....or tunein.....or various places....

I find them really funny....even when they aren't that funny....they appeal to my humour a lot....Paul Hawksbee is great....He was also part of the Harry Hill writing team for TV Burp...
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
26-May-2020 16:25 Message #4781175
There are some great radio stations but I don't think they are appreciated as much as they deserve.
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
26-May-2020 22:16 Message #4781192
Times Radio sounds as if it is worth a try.
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
27-May-2020 09:14 Message #4781218
I used to listen to the Hawksbee & Jacobs early afternoon show on TalkSport more too (they have a great repartee and are always having a good laugh), but the incessant advert breaks on the likes of TalkSport, LBC and other commercial radio stations drive me up the wall and actually put me off listening to them.

As Times Radio is from the same stable as TalkSport & Virgin (other than the Chris Evans Breakfast Show which is ad free) I expect there'l be the same annoying ad breaks to contend with.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
27-May-2020 09:17 Message #4781220
James O Brien puts me off LBC. I will give the new Times Radio a try.
The_38th_Parallel  Male  Essex
20-Jun-2020 10:14 Message #4784180
Launch date is on Monday 29th June.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
12-Jan-2021 16:10 Message #4803177
How is Times Radio doing?

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