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Good for you, George


zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
23-Apr-2020 10:55 Message #4777734
Its your day today, and surely there will be plenty of old dragons to slay.

saints alive

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
23-Apr-2020 11:41 Message #4777740
Should be a bank holiday so we English can have a day at home... err well maybe start next year... lol

BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire
23-Apr-2020 13:32 Message #4777750
Probably still be on this lockdown. Knowing my luck it will just because i have made up my mind for good i want to move the COVID-19 started

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
23-Apr-2020 13:44 Message #4777753
After doing all his dragon stuff.......I think he went on to work at Asda.....

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
23-Apr-2020 22:48 Message #4777777
Are dragons allowed out at the moment?

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
24-Apr-2020 10:10 Message #4777805
So long as they aren't gathering in Jurassic park.......or is that just dinosaurs?

FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
24-Apr-2020 10:24 Message #4777809
The second mention of dinosaurs this morning. Are theY eating the trolls? That would be a result :)

TimidTim  Male  Derbyshire
24-Apr-2020 23:01 Message #4777860
No they are eating Tumbly's ginger nuts, would you like one?

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