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terry  Male  West Yorkshire
22-Apr-2020 21:46 Message #4777696
Looking through the bbc website I found a story about Eyam, in Derbyshire which interested me, I'd forgotten about this until seeing the story, and if you get chance when this is all over have a ride up there and a look around the village.
If you haven't heard about it, look it up, you may find similarities to today.
Basically at the time of the great plague - around the 14C was it? England was being ravaged by the plague, London especially was hard hit. When the virus infected the people of Eyam they took steps to self isolate, not allowing anyone into or out of the village for around a year, it devastated the population and there were claims and beliefs they found a cure for's unlikely they did but scientists are looking again to see whether things like self isolation had a positive effect on controlling or eradicating the plague.
If anyone is interested it makes good reading as to how one village coped with the catastrophe and it's helping scientists now work out the efficacy of control and treatment; it's also worth noting the plague virus is still with us, albeit mainly in North Africa.

wholelottakaren  Female  Lincolnshire
22-Apr-2020 22:23 Message #4777702
A few hundred years out there. Eyam fell victim in the 17th century plague. In the museum, you can see a map of the houses and how many people were lost in each. Unbelievable bravery

Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire
23-Apr-2020 08:47 Message #4777717
Nice little village, been several times but somehow it still seems to carry a faint aura of sadness 350 years later.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
23-Apr-2020 20:35 Message #4777767
I have been reading about Eyam too, and reminded myself that the house I live in was built 200 years before the Gt plague. I often wonder what the people who lived here then, did, to survive. Animals lived at one end of the house and there was a floor fire with central chimney. In what is now the loft, there are still burn marks on the roof timbers from this fire. There were no floors, it was just one large hall. The timbers were hewn from trees ,which still have branches attached, It was a small village and maybe people self isolated then, too.

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