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they're driving me mad

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wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 10:25 Message #4777439
I just tried to contact my bank to enquire about when my new card will arrive, of course theres no contact information on any statements or anything, so I go online and go to contact us and get asked to chat online. Then I find I've got a bot that can't help and we're going round in circles, I ask to speak to a human and that takes ages, then find out they can't help because they only deal with interenet and mobile banking which I don't have. So I try phoning the number they gave me which told me to use the online service that I've just been unable to use or wait for an unspecified and lengthy time.

I think I've worked out how to spot fake sites and scams if its straight forward and easy its a fake, no fake or scam would make it this hard to ask a simple question.

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
21-Apr-2020 10:32 Message #4777443
When any of my credit/debit cards are nearing their expiry new one's usually arrive automatically.
So, if the old card hasn't expired what's the issue.
If it has expired and the new replacement one's not arrived, maybe it's been intercepted/lost.
In which case why not call the number on the back of the card to report it.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 10:43 Message #4777448
I know they should arrive automatically and I've got until the end of the month before my card expires, the new ones usually here by now, if I don't have a card then I can't access any money.

fosy  Male  Leicestershire
21-Apr-2020 11:23 Message #4777450
also keep in mind that the post is very hit and miss at the still waiting for something that should have arrived last week and wont arrive until tomorrow at the earliest, as todays post has already been and gone.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
21-Apr-2020 11:35 Message #4777453
I'm getting regular texts from my bank offering loans and just a short while ago informing me that there will be no overdraft charges for at least another couple of months.
Barclays have always been easy to contact in my experience.

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
21-Apr-2020 14:56 Message #4777479
Hen - in current era the minimum you need to do is at least get yourself signed up for phone banking - then you have a number to call 24/7 x 365 for any issues you may have - though there are sometimes long waits even then.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 18:57 Message #4777496
I don't have a mobile and I don't see why I should have to have one just to keep the effing bank happy, it would have to be a smart phone too, so that would be expensive and I've no idea how to use one. I see all this phone and internet banking as a way of trying make everyone cashless and therefore give total control over spending to banks who are notoriously insecure and bad at keeping peoples data safe. Its also an excuse for branch closures, which particularly hit small, independent businesses as well as the poor and the elderly.

eurostar  Female  Merseyside
21-Apr-2020 19:46 Message #4777503
I rang my bank the other week, an hour wait but I did eventually speak to a human who was very helpful

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
21-Apr-2020 20:20 Message #4777512
Phone banking works via landlines - it's been in operation long before mobiles became commonplace.

As you already have internet access you can also use internet banking - maybe set that up as a back up.

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
21-Apr-2020 22:42 Message #4777541
Telephone banking is difficult to get through to these days. Lots of messages about Covid, and longer waiting time. This seems to be the same with everything, Amazon, Virgin, probably any business.

You can cut through the covid messages if you know what option you want, by pressing the option button straight away, and get to the right dept. twice as quickly.

Sea  Female  Essex
21-Apr-2020 22:52 Message #4777544
W'hen, You only need a landline for telephone banking. You don't need a mobile at all.

Declan  Male  Cheshire
22-Apr-2020 02:40 Message #4777556
Hi Hen,

As someone said earlier telephone banking is fine. You don't need a smartphone. I haven't had the waits some people are reporting. Five minutes is the longest I have had to hold and bizarrely during this lockdown the phone service has improved as the intro messages ask you to use the internet and people are very obedient in doing that, which actually reduces the queue length :)

Smartphones are not that expensive if you avoid the hyped up ones. The Alcatel 1 is only £31. If you use it through your wi-fi at home rather than on the phone network there is zero cost for using apps and internet based products. You do need to make a call or send a text once every three months so that they do not recylcle the number as a dead one). It is not the fastest of phones but does pretty well everything my expensive phone does apart from very high quality video and photography.

I am lucky my bank is five minutes from my house and still has customer services but I agree with you and tell them I should not need to have a smartphone to deal with my own money and I should not need to use internet banking when they are so close.

Hope you get your card sorted.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
22-Apr-2020 09:44 Message #4777581
I always have problems with the bank. I do bank on line but only for simple payments and checking . When I phone, they have usually changed their number (yet again). I always have to wait ages, and then press this, press that etc. I recently changed all that to 'voice recognition' which seems to be a little better. I also went into the bank recently to put some money in, and the person behind the glass said to me "do we know you" I said, "possibly not as I have only banked here for 50 years " . She said she was checking if I was money laundering. It was £1000 in old notes...... would that really be laundering, esp as we have been told to put them in, to change into the new design.

This was also before lockdown, and there were signs to stand at least 6' back at the ONE and only checkout. It took ages and this was the main branch for this area.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
22-Apr-2020 09:56 Message #4777587
I don't want to do any sort of remote banking, I don't trust the systems in place to protect data, and more importantly I don't trust myself to be able to use properly, I really dislike going through options on a phone and when presented with a list I often get confused and can't remember all the options. Banks are an area of officaldom that I dislike engaging with, I just want it to work with minimal input from me, if it wasn't so much cheaper to have everything paid by DD and stuff like that I probably wouldn't have a bank account. With my ability to crash and generally make anything with a silicon chip in it go wrong and sometimes on quite a grand scale, I could accidently cause myself and others lots of problems.

Why is it so wrong to want to be able to go to a branch and talk to a person who understands how it all works and get some help?


ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
22-Apr-2020 10:30 Message #4777595
It's not wrong.
But in the strange times we're living in at the moment some things are just not possible and many people are having to do things that they'd rather not be doing. That's just the way it is. But as with everything the choice is always your own.
We'll get the chance to go back to how it was, when everything goes back to how it was but until then everyone is having to make make some changes, to adapt in order to get through it.
And anyway the bank branches that are open are operating on a skeleton staff and it's likely you might not even get the answer about the whereabouts of the new card in branch either.

And despite your fears I doubt very much that putting a "x" in a "y" box in error will have much effect in bringing down anyone's online service or affect any other of the near 4.5 billion daily internet users on this 3rd rock from the Sun.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
22-Apr-2020 19:17 Message #4777675
You'd think so SG, but the list of things I've crashed gorws ever longer as does the list of things that for some bizarre reason don't work when I do them, like today I tried to switch my email from one computer to another, it did all the prompts followed everything and did exactly as it told me and it ended up saying it couldn't confirm I'm me so I can't access my email from that newer computer I gave up in despair.

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
22-Apr-2020 20:53 Message #4777690
Well I hate computers, I think they actually hate me.

To set anything up is a nightmare, and takes at least 3 goes. However I have found the best way now is to phone the company, tell them I cannot get their online site to accept my 'form', prompts, info, and it won't shift off the page. With a bit of luck they will do it for you.

Once set up and with a little practice, it is well worth having.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
23-Apr-2020 10:04 Message #4777722
Like you Gilpin I think computers hate me, I think most tech does, I often get accused of magical thinking, for believing that computers have some kind of agency, but its hard to feel otherwise when you do as asked and it dosen't work, says no, you've got a person who's English is poor, has a set list of questions they can answer anyway, can't put you through to someone who can help you.

I'm going to the bank branch later so hopefully I'll get some help there, but I'm not holding my breath because they usually tell me every problem would go away if I had online banking and I hope its not the cashier who thinks if she speaks loudly and slowly I'll agree with her. I don't think she realises that making a scene dosen't trouble me at all, I have complained to the manager about her though.

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
29-Apr-2020 09:49 Message #4778369
So what's the outcome of "Card-gate"
Has it turned up yet.
The nation is on tenterhooks!!

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
29-Apr-2020 10:51 Message #4778387
No its all my fault I got the date wrong and the new card is due at the end of next month, I actually go to go to the bank yesterday and speak to a real human, he gave me a special phone number to ring, its for elderly and vulnerable people and apparently that includes me because I'm dyslexic. It dosen't help that all the colour has rubbed off the numbers on the card making them hard to see and I find that "digital" style of numbers hard to read at the best of times, I often have to read it by feel, trying to work out where the gaps are to try and visualise what numbers what

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
29-Apr-2020 14:41 Message #4778435
I read that the trend is going to be for card issuers to do away with the embossed numbers & details on debit/credit cards as they're not needed any more what with chip & pin & contactless readers.
So eventually new cards will just have the number and other details printed on them instead.

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
29-Apr-2020 20:23 Message #4778466
Wh I have to take a magnifying glass to read the pin number which is almost invisible. Not sure of the logic of that. Since they can't do anything with it without the card.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
30-Apr-2020 08:33 Message #4778494
Banks used to be polite and helpful and wanted your custom but now they are offhand, work entirely to benefit themselves and make it quite obvious you are a nuisance.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
30-Apr-2020 10:41 Message #4778511
What bugs me is how little they can do in the branch, you have to phone the numbers they give you and often thats all they do in the branch theres so little help for people who need it, you travel miles out of your way to go to the branch and you end up no further forward. Branches just seem to exist to push you to mobile and internet banking, I think they're doing away with using landlines, they certainly don't ask you to do it anymore, I wonder if they want to move totally online and never have to deal with customers face to face. I find the security number hard to read to because its black on grey a colour combination designed to be difficult.

BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
30-Apr-2020 11:08 Message #4778517
Only if you need to pay in lots of cheques regularly is there much of a need to visit a bank branch in person (for anyone with either a phone or internet access).

Cashpoints are usually at major supermarkets etc - whilst contactless Credit Card payments cover most day to day transactions - and those with a decent credit limit can cover major bills with either CC or normal bank card to access the whole balance of the current account.

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