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The dilemma of

breaking the rules....


tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
21-Apr-2020 10:24 Message #4777438
Most people in life are law abiding people.....The ones that break the laws tend to be the minority....

Now, with all this virus thingy going on.....we have all sorts of new rules, some of them law perhaps, some of them 'grey area' things.....all sorts....

We're hearing about arrests and fines and warnings and such......sometimes justified......sometimes a bit 'gung ho' to say the least.....

Most people aren't necessarily going to admit or 'brag' about breaking any of the 'Oh yes, I go out everyday all day, drive all over the place, walk many miles here, cycle loads of miles there, etc etc'.....

The rules are there for some main reasons........Stopping you spreading the disease......Stopping to getting the disease.....Trying to contain it......Helping the hospitals cope.....Stopping unnecessary Emergency services attendance......amongst the main ones.....

I am now faced with a new dilemma....One that some others are already facing......the 12 week isolation....

I hadn't received anything telling me I was high risk.....until I've been going out once a week....supermarket and anything else that needs doing.........I already know my limitations....with the heart failure etc.....but all the pills are keeping it ticking over.....

Now though, I have 'the piece of paper'.....and the conscience that comes with it......

12 weeks of total isolation.....

Some are already many weeks in.....or at least a few weeks anyway......

My letter arrived yesterday......perhaps caught up in the system....perhaps part of a lower batch etc....

If I'd received it a few weeks ago, then I would have been following it already.....but I didn't and therefore I haven't.......

Nothing really has changed in my condition.....As it is, I take life at my own pace.....only do certain things....have a lot of rest etc......

But I was free as you can be in a lockdown thing anyway......and now.....locked up for 12 weeks.....

I am going to have to break the rules though......and perhaps carry on going out once week....I can't suddenly expect everyone else to do everything for me......I'm an independent person.....

Is it selfish of me to break those rules?.....and what about the last few weeks?.....If the letter had arrived then, rather than now, I would already be doing it...

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 10:28 Message #4777441
I think its your risk to take, its advice that you don't go out not law, you have to protect your mental health as well as your physical health and feeling dependent, worried about not being able to get the things you need and being cooped up are not good for anyones sanity. Just try and take sensible precautions.

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
21-Apr-2020 10:41 Message #4777447
"its advice that you don't go out not law,"

Maybe not in England, Scotland and NI, but some of it is in Wales.
Eg. Wales is the only part of the UK where there is a blanket ban on leaving your home for more than once a day.
Although how Heddlu De Cymru, Heddlu Gogledd Cyrmu et al enforce that is another thing.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 10:44 Message #4777449
I've not heard that about Wales and I can't see how its workable or enforceable.

Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
21-Apr-2020 11:40 Message #4777457
Making rules for millions of people when only being able to send a limited number of generic announcements is impossible so it's a compromise. The rules, or even laws, being made are to limit the interactions and social distancing for those who have no common sense. That's why sensible and responsible people find them difficult to understand.

ToBeAdvised  Male  Essex
21-Apr-2020 12:36 Message #4777461
The rules, or even laws, being made are to limit the interactions and social distancing for those who have no common sense.

Maybe that's the National Assembly for Wales's opinion about their citizens !!
gwleidyddion eh! pwy fyddai gyda nhw

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
21-Apr-2020 19:02 Message #4777497
SG, it still makes no sense as most people will need to go in a totally different direction to get exercise as to go to the shops, and for many the shops will be a few miles away, where I used to live, it was 3 miles to the nearest corner shop, let alone one that actually sold enough to feed a family for a week or two.

Where did you get this information from?

Sea  Female  Essex
21-Apr-2020 22:37 Message #4777540
Hi Tumbles. i believe it is advise rather than hard and fast rules. It is mainly for your own safety, as you could be at more risk if you caught the virus. If you pick quiet moments to go shopping, when you are less likely to be queuing etc. it should limit the risk. I always wear a mask and gloves if going into a supermarket but never go if a queue outside. Everybody over 70 is advised to self isolate for 12 weeks, yet I have seen quite a few people out walking or with dogs, who are well over this age. I can't say I blame them, as exercise is good for you and getting a dose of vitimin D each day does boost your immune system. Incidentally it isn't breaking any rules to go out exercising each day and there has been no official stipulation as to for how long. Providing you are self distancing, it should not matter how long you stay out for. I walk out from home most days and for much of the time I do not see anyone. Lots of very quiet lanes and footpaths around here. If weather is nice, it is very easy to just explore a little further and if nobody around hardly a risk. But new guidelines do say you can drive somewhere to exercise, providing you spend more time exercising than driving, likely because the petrol inustry not too happy at the moment. Basically though it is down to you, whether you go out once a day or once a week or not at all ,and how easy it is for you to social distance from people if you do go out?

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex
21-Apr-2020 22:57 Message #4777545
Wales sounds a bit harsh if its law. So you could get arrested?

Fatalities in Wales are low though. It may be working. Governments think civilians are stupid. Well that's kind of damned them for being even more stupid I would have thought.

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
22-Apr-2020 07:43 Message #4777560
Thanks for all the information.....

The police round here seem to be a bit 'loose cannons' on the situation.....There's local news on Gloucesterlive all the time about arrests and fines and things.....Going for takeaways....Going to buy a car.....all sorts.....

Also some genuine deserved arrests and fines......for the real disgusting idiots.....spitting at police when they are challenged etc....

I'll just have to put on my best 'picture of innocence' face, if I go out......and try and avoid looking around suspiciously as I walk along.......and no nervous whistling......although it's all easier said than done.......

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