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I tried to add to a thread....but it said...

Sorry, but this thread is now closed. Consider starting a new thread

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 26-Oct-2019 18:22 Message #4760473
I considered it....and decided to start a new one.....

What happens didn't say anything else....

Oh well, now I've started one.....just add anything you want....

England beat the All Blacks....They're through to the play Wales or South Africa
joolsy  Female  Essex 26-Oct-2019 22:21 Message #4760510
Yooohooo tumble hows you doing .and the rugby was brill .come on englqnd .erm and all them thighs were scrummy lol lol
NoSaint  Female  Devon 26-Oct-2019 22:22 Message #4760511
Agree joolsy. I know nothing about the game but it is played by gentlemen with impressive thighs.
joolsy  Female  Essex 26-Oct-2019 22:28 Message #4760513
Nosaint .thats why i love rugby .like you ive no idea about off line rules .but wow those thighs lol lol .scrumptious lol
Aely  Female  Hampshire 28-Oct-2019 19:40 Message #4760777
I think a thread can only hold 1000 entries.

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