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Feel Good Factor

Who or what brightens up your day?

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Beach  Male  Dorset
16-Oct-2019 02:08 Message #4758492
I’ve briefly mentioned it in passing on here that I’ve recently been cultivating a deep friendship with a batsh+t crazy geeky girl who, ridiculously, seems to share, just about, all of my own passions and interests in life and, while that friendship remains a tentative exploration of a new female friend, this person is quite relentless in making sure, (as far as I can deduce), that she keeps a constant, regular impact on and within my own little life … which is just amazing and wonderful.

Yesterday afternoon / evening, (Tuesday), we spent from 3pm – 7pm just discussing STUFF together and I discovered that I had a passion and affinity for additional, brand new, things that my friend had a passion and interest in life for. (Different things and different passions from mine … that she valued and held close to her heart.)

Scarily, with my new friend, H, holding an identical, helter skelter, mental energy almost identical to my own, we found ourself talking over each other in some desperate, enjoyable, frenzy of wishing to back up and validate just how much we felt tuned to each other!

And near the end of our 4 hour liaison, in a contrived effort to take things further, I suggested we upgrade our weekly Tuesday afternoon meetings to a more social, intimate level, by “perhaps going out together one evening?”

I was thinking about taking her out to my local watering hole at the H&A pub, being my subtle way of suggesting we went on some kind of a date.

And the reply I got just blew my mind.

I mean; aside from her introducing me to a cool video editing suite, aside from me introducing her to an intuitive 3D modelling program, aside from us both enjoying 3D and VR photographic technology ... and drones and robotics and conspiracy movies and Elon Musk and space X and Martian colony 3D printed habitats …

Aside from her showing me her incredible YouTube channel … and me showing her my Beach Thorncombe personal website …

And aside from learning that she was looking after dementia parents just like me … and a zillion other things we seem to have in common …

Well … she just blew my mind because … in answer to me suggesting we might consider meeting up socially of a weekend, she goes and says …

“Why don’t the two of us go beach fishing one night … maybe this weekend … at Chesil Beach … at Abbotsbury?”

And I’m thinking … Jeez.I must be dreaming.

H left with a swivel computer chair I gifted her from my outhouse store, a bag of eater apples from the garden and a promise to phone me Friday to confirm a jaunt to Chesil beach to go fishing sometime over the weekend.

Oh yeah. And the last thing?

You know that desirable physical quality Beach likes in a girl? (Pause). Well, yep, she has that too! ;-)

*But … I’m gonna take things steady … just take my time. :-)
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
16-Oct-2019 05:07 Message #4758493
What brightens my day? The kids at school!
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex
16-Oct-2019 08:42 Message #4758525
Good for you Beach. Enjoy the fishing. I used to love a bit of sea fishing in a past life.

What brightens my day?

Waking up to sunshine.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
16-Oct-2019 10:17 Message #4758538
Seeing our foster cats and kittens going to their new homes.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
16-Oct-2019 10:25 Message #4758542
Coffee, it cranks my eyelids open so as I can focus on the world.
Judance  Female  Berkshire
16-Oct-2019 10:44 Message #4758549
The sun and my grandkids …

The sun just gives me that boost to get up and go ..

The grandkids just cheer me up with their enthusiasm and big hugs. I do miss my Aussie granddaughters but I'll get to see them soon when I go over there for Christmas.

.. so I'll get them and the sun as well :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset
16-Oct-2019 10:58 Message #4758551
Thanks, PFB. :-) xx

Morning all. :-)

Just looking at or knowing that my little car is outside. That brightens up my day ... even though I currently tend to use it only one day a week.

It's a proper loyal little runner. It's also a voluminous spacious van when configured. It has sliding rear doors brilliant for easy passenger access.

It's so considerate. It tells me if a door isn't closed properly or a seatbelt needs doing up or if I've left my lights on. I'm not familiar with such audible / visual warning features in a motor car because I hadn't driven one for 19 years!
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
16-Oct-2019 10:58 Message #4758552
Lots of things make my day!

When I get a Good sleep, and I wake up feeling good. I jump on my exercise bike for 20 mins, and the feel good factor begins. I have my dinner, then head back up stairs and do a 30-40 minute weight lifting session. Again I feel good. After the shower, when I'm all clean and my teeth are brushed, I feel good. I then take the dog out for a short walk, the cool air going through my t shirt, my phone getting messages from friends giving me gossip, info on road closures, asking where I'm going tonight, telling me where they are going, funny pics and videos ect.... I feel good. Even better if I bump into some lovely young ladies on our short walk. A little giggling, and some grinning ear to ear from some attractive young women.... Again I'm feeling good!

Jump in my car, either chatting on the phone, or listening to music, or a talk show on YouTube, usually still feeling good!

Into work, usually some loud banter with the boys, jokes and taking the piss! Now this is where it can make or break.... do I get a comfortable big truck to do my shift, or a dingy low spec, underpowered truck....

After work I hit the gym, do around 1hr15 of weights, then 15-20 mins cardio. I leave the place feeling like a God among men!

Head home, usually listen to music, park up on my drive and let the song finish before heading in. Get the dog fed, get myself fed, get him walked and home then.... it's bed time!

I get into bed, get in a comfy position and I feel knackered..... but great!!!

Obviously life doesn't go this way every day, but most days it does. I think the positivity of exercise, and a decent diet does wonders for me.
Beach  Male  Dorset
16-Oct-2019 13:24 Message #4758571
Blimey Bob. You should become a life coach! :-)

Post marked excellent.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
16-Oct-2019 16:00 Message #4758594
what i saw of chesil beach this year its just a load of pebbles, so it could be hard going on the knees... if you know what i mean ;¬)
Beach  Male  Dorset
16-Oct-2019 16:28 Message #4758602
NO. I really don't know what you mean or are inferring, Fosy ... lol lol

We might cook some squid bait on the top of the old Tilley lamp though ... or look at my rod silhouetted against a romantic, moonlit, night sky. :-)
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
16-Oct-2019 21:02 Message #4758660
"Blimey Bob. You should become a life coach! :-)"

Thanks Beach!

Funny you should say that. I've been told that by a few people I've advised recently.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
16-Oct-2019 21:45 Message #4758671
How lovely, Mr Beach. Sounds like a lovely date.

Alas, I fear that such romantic adventures are a thing of the past for me. Though, I did have a very romantic date walking along the East Beach at West Bay under the light of a full moon, ooh, let me see, over 40 years ago.

Lots of thing brighten up my day, a spot of sunshine, the birds singing, a wink form an attractive man, all sorts really.
Beach  Male  Dorset
16-Oct-2019 22:23 Message #4758679
Really Minnie? Wink

I pulled off my shoes and socks and waded into the surf at East beach the evening before taking a Virgin train to The Lake District on business ... and there was a full moon reflecting off the sea that night. I said to myself, "I live at the Southern most tip of England and tomorrow, I'll be nearly at the most Northern tip of England" and I want to experience the difference and mentally record the start and finish like pushing pins in a map

And, exactly the same time in the evening the following day, I was looking at that same sky from a point near Penrith where I could see that same full moon at the same time and know that, directly beneath it lay my familiar East beach.

And as a bonus, while I was watchingn the moon hovering in the sky, to my right I could also see a perfect, classical orange hued sunset with the sun disappearing down over the horizon in the general direction of the Isle of Man.

So ... though I didn't plan that set of incredible images to now be stored in my head, that original idea of wanting to 'feel' the distance betwen the two geographical points worked beautifully.

And because of that pre-contrived, self planned experience, whenever I am now on East beach looking out to sea, it is as if I can feel the whole 'weight' of "An England" behind me over my shoulder ... whereas I can look back out to sea and experience only water and the heaving, breathing tide rising and falling hypnotically out there in Lyme Bay.


I may have some 5K, high def VR 360 / 720 footage of a walk / ride from Eype Beach car park up to the Beacon for you over the next month or two.

I've bought an incredible Insta360 ONE X 3D camera and I can put the results on a web page so that you and other MSE'rs can FINALLY start to see what I see when I go off out into the sticks and wilds of West Dorset. If used with VR goggles, these 5K HD video images will enable viewers to actually look around and feel as if they were there ... but folk don't have to. :-)

It'll all depend on the weather and how swiftly I can learn to edit in 3D or VR but honestly, already, some of the stills and practice shots I have got using it here at home are incredible.

Check out the blurb if you are a camewra / photography person.


Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
17-Oct-2019 02:09 Message #4758697
And for the avoidance of doubt, it was not the winking Mr Beach who walked me along East Beach under a full moon all those decades ago.

Actually, this might be a TMI moment, but my date and I did discuss the prospect of a skinny dip under the full moon, but we both decided that it was way too cold for that. I'm glad that we didn't risk it, as it is also of the site of me almost drowning a year or two later, and I am a strong swimmer. There can be a nasty undertow in that spot if the tide is right.
Beach  Male  Dorset
17-Oct-2019 12:11 Message #4758747
Hi Minnie,

And yes. That is so true and we get so many people who get themselves into trouble, (or perish), from that location.

One of, (too many), of my future projects is to fly a horizontal panoramic shot, (by 2.7K connected cam), along that particular stretch of beach, (To capture the majesty of East cliff juxtaposed against shore and sky), and in theory, I'd be able to use my new 5K VR cam as well but the technical preperation, (of drone, of cameras, of accompanying apps AND the decision of when the right time, tide, day or weather conditions all fit), AND the actual logistics of loading drone, mini drone, camera equipment, (plus standby ebike for opportunistic shots), into my vehicle means that, in some ways, I've lost the innocence of just taking a regular camera out with me on a regular ebike but it is the AMBITION and ANTCIPATION of even contemplating such plans that is, perhaps, the joy of having such a project rattling around in my head in the first place ... and I think it is that ambition and expectation that fuels many ambitious projects or hobbies anyway.

Would loved to have seen you skinny dipping, Minnie, especially if the wheather had been a bit nippy.
Beach  Male  Dorset
17-Oct-2019 14:06 Message #4758764
Got a feel good factor this morning. :-)

I use extra large format inkjet printers which means I can print larger A3 posters or bespoked advertising blurb on my A boards that often sit outside on the street advertising my various PC / mobile related services BUT, usually, if I need a bigger poster or ad, I have to join, glue or cellotape two A3 sheets together, (after printing on each of them), before I can put out, say, an A2 sized poster ... which has always been a drag.

But this morning, Robert, an architect friend, has just gifted me an industrial, (A1 capable) printer / plotter.

These thing are big, mind, taking up the same sort of footprint as a musicians keyboard on a stand but, its going to be brilliant and I'll be able to print off posters and ads and projects of about the same size as the old 1970s posters we used to see pasted up all over advertising the latest James Bond or Our Man Flint movie!

Not the most inspiring of topics, perhaps, and I don't, neccassarily, expect you to get too excited but ... it's made my day! :-)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
17-Oct-2019 15:55 Message #4758782
Alas, any claims to skinny dip nowadays might get me in trouble under the trade descriptions act. ;)
Beach  Male  Dorset
17-Oct-2019 15:57 Message #4758783
That doesn't matter, Minnie ... and you know I like, top heavy, company. ;)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
18-Oct-2019 18:21 Message #4758930
There are indeed advantages to having integral buoyancy aids.
Beach  Male  Dorset
18-Oct-2019 20:22 Message #4758954
Integral bouyancy aids?

I've not heard of such aids before but, as an inventor, would love to get my hands on them to learn how they work. Feel free to send me some photos of the devices and I'll gather a team to examine them.
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire
1-Nov-2019 09:56 Message #4761093
Orson  Male  Tayside
8-Nov-2019 17:48 Message #4761897
One finds solace and relative happiness in music, reading, writing, drawing and composing the odd couplet.

One finds, in one's own experiences, to date, that looking at women from a safe distance is infinitely preferable to actually being in their company.

However, given that, one is mindful of what Mr Bacon said. "One is optimistic about nothing" As it wouldn't do to upset the "Positive Police" who seem to be everywhere these days.
NoSaint  Female  Devon
7-Dec-2019 08:16 Message #4764370
The British weather brightens my days. I like the way it changes so I can appreciate the cold frosts and then the warm sunshine. The pouring rain then the clear skies. We are so lucky.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
7-Dec-2019 23:04 Message #4764441
The current Premier League Football Table:)
Oh, I know I'm in a league of my own with that ond on here! But it's true:)

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