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Some days it's just not worth getting up!

Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 11-Oct-2019 17:48 Message #4757494
On Monday, it became apparent, travelling from Morecambe-on-the-mud to 'Orrible 'Orsham that my satnav was woefully out of date but, in spite of its deficiencies, I managed to arrive at my destinastion - two hours later than planned!

On Tuesday, my sister departed for Liverpuddle to attend a funeral - Oh I must interject with this Dave Allen joke - he always thought that as the coffin was lowered into the ground the priest said: "In the name of the father, and of the son, into the hole he goes!"

Today, awaiting my sister's return, I decided to updste my SatNav - poor choice!

I tried to log on to the iGO (the system my SatNav is based on) website only to discover that my satnasv was an un-branded model and it required me to enter the Model number and type of my SatNav before I could register with them. So I searched the Internet for a solution and found a seller on eBay offering an upgrade.

My current system is based on a 4GB memory card but the upgrade required an 8Gb memory card so my first option was to backup my 4Gb memory card, tranfer the contents to an 8Gb memory card to see if it still worked.

That I did and the system still worked but then a problem occured - the SatNav is built into my car radio system which is an all-singing-all-dancing affair that offers TV, video and/or MP3 playback via a USB connection, or another memory card, radio, reverse camera playback, Radio, hands-free phone, etc. etc. etc.

The problem was with the built-in flip-out screen - the ribbon cable that connects it to the radio's innards was either loose, or faulty, the result being a screen full of coloured vertical lines in place of the usual display.

Needing some tools to extract the radio from the car's fascia I returned to the car to find thsat I'd locked myself out! That meant routing through my sister's wardrobes looking for a wire coathanger and, luckily, I found one. Straightening it out and then bending a loop in one end I then had to root through her garage looking for some string in order to make a noose that I could thread through the loop to snare the catch on the door to unlock it.

By this time it had started to rain but not heavily, thank goodness, and eventually I managed to unlock the car door and extract the radio from its moorings.

Having endured all that, looking at the radio it occured to me that I may not have all the requisite tools to hand to effect a repair!

I'll let you know how I get on.


Disclaimer: thanks to a temporary lack of spell-checker, and an untypicaal amount of Southern Comfort I relinquish all responsibility for grammarical and spelling errors!
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 11-Oct-2019 20:55 Message #4757532
its always amazing to get up to a new day and its adventures, good bad or ugly...………

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