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Oh dear....

The drama continues

HonestBob  Male  the Central region
28-Aug-2019 11:25 Message #4749865
Hi Folks!

Just a bit of venting coming up about the few days I've had!

On Friday night I came down the stairs after my shower, just about to get on out to work, and my dad tells me the water from the shower I just had, was coming up the sink. He was using a jug of some type to empty the sink out to save over flowing. So phoned British gas home care, and they sent some one out on Saturday morning. The guy done a bit of investigating. He ran my kitchen tap for about 10 mins, until the water started backing up and he came to a conclusion. He believed that because the water had to run for so long, it was a blockage quite far from the house. So he was on the phone to his superiors and the blockage magically cleared. Great!

So the Saturday night I went for a shower. No problems. Sunday morning I put a washing on, my dad went for a shower, shit and shave and low and behold.... faeces coming up the kitchen sink! So out come the same guy again, and he disconnects the back of the toilet pan, and puts about 18-20 meters of hoses down my pipes and blasts it with water. This clears the problem. He again says due to the length of hose he used, the blockage is quite far from the house.

Sunday after he leaves about 5pm I go to bed to try get a few hours before I have to go to work. I wake up and notice my bathroom floor is all wet. The back of the toilet pan is leaking. Not a bad leak, but a leak non the less. So I put old towels down and go to work.

Monday morning I phone them back up again, about the toilet leak, and also a leak under my sink. Out comes a plumber, fixes the leak under the sink but claims the toilet leak isn't his department.

So I thought I'd get up this morning, walk the dog, and come back and phone them up, see about getting it sorted. Whilst I walked the dog, my brother who also lives with me took a shower...... Well it only flooded the kitchen!

So now I am sat waiting for them to come back out again!

Between Sunday morning and Wednesday morning another blockage. During this time there has been lots of showers, toilet flushes, washing done, dish washer used ect, then all of a sudden this morning boom! No idea what it is, why it is or anything, but it is really starting to get me annoyed all this crap. Add in my lack of sleep during the day, for the last three days of my work week, I'm a very unhappy Honest Bob.

Hope you guys are all having a better few days than me!
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
28-Aug-2019 18:46 Message #4749921
Pardon the pun, but I assume the man is telling you a load of carp.
Sounds like something really serious to me.
How can carp get into your kitchen sink?

Only thing I have seen is carp coming up from outside drains, and that was an inadequate sewage system.
The whole sewage system had to be rebuilt for miles, due to the number of droppers increasing over the years.
This problem would show more, during periods of heavy rain.
It sounds like someone may be trying to delay a massive bill.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
28-Aug-2019 19:03 Message #4749926
Thats BG home care for you, and they're the best of a bad bunch according to Which? magazine! I had problems earlier in the year with our gas and all they could do was try and sell us a new boiler, we got left with no gas, promised an engineer to come out later that day and fix the first fix from the morning and was lied to, when I phones to ask where he was I was asked what I was talking about, there was nothing been logged.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
28-Aug-2019 19:09 Message #4749929
Bobs problem is much bigger.
At some point someone decided to design more economic gas boilers, and heating systems.
Problem is that not many people understand how to fix and maintain these systems.
So they actually end up less efficient, and more costly.
The engineer Bob had out, could not even re-fit basic items properly.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
28-Aug-2019 21:25 Message #4749942

Guy came out, stuffed a camera down the toilet pan. He found the blockage. He then used a scanner type thing to find out where the blockage was...... right under my driveway. Where previous owners have monoblocked over the man hole cover. So I had to rip up my drive way to find the cover to give him access to. He then blasted it, and done the camera and cleared a blockage. Then advised me it was the guy who was out on Monday who was supposed to fix the leak in the toilet pan. His words were..... "So he showed you the new part you needed, he brought it out his van.... and told you that isn't his department? But had the parts in his van! It is his job, hence why he had the parts!" Of course I never thought of this.

So after he left I set of to try put down some of the bricks just to get my cars off the street. Not going to get a professional to put them back just now, will wait another week just to make sure they ain't coming backup again. Ideally I'd have some plan to get it raised up level with the monoblocks.

What a day! Hahaha
HonestBob  Male  the Central region
28-Aug-2019 21:27 Message #4749943
"How can carp get into your kitchen sink?"

My shower, toilet and sink all share the same sewage pipe. Being that the kitchen is lower that the toilet, the sewage pipe blocked, and sent the shit back along the pipe to the nearest opening.... the sink.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
29-Aug-2019 11:42 Message #4750023
Niether could ours, but Nothermit what is the point of trying to start a spat over who has the biggest problem? Surely the problem is the BG homecare are a bunch of incompetant numpties and others are even worse.
BOYDEL  Male  Surrey
31-Aug-2019 08:36 Message #4750287
You need a recessed manhole cover over the access to sewer - see attached link

Hope the original sewer blockage is now fixed

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