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Yay, Bake off's


wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
28-Aug-2019 10:24 Message #4749854
With the extraordinary sight of a man masturbating a cake! In the showstopper challenge which was to make the birthday cake you would of liked as a child, a bloke decided to make one of the apollo rockets and was smoothing fondant icing over the nose cone, it looked dreadfully phallic.

I don't think theme cakes were a thing when I was a child you just had a cake with royal icing in pink and white, with silver ball and a washable ribbon/garland thingy that came out at every birthday, I don't remember anyone else having anything different either. Did you have themed cakes?
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
28-Aug-2019 15:44 Message #4749879
yep, a sure sign that summer is coming to an end when all the celeb/trash/cheap to make tv starts to take over the program schedules, which is why i wont pay for a tv license and just watch anything i want to see on legal catch up.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
28-Aug-2019 16:53 Message #4749893
i listened to pirate radio and I listen to unlicensed broadcasts on tv.

I also plagiarise :)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
28-Aug-2019 18:41 Message #4749919
Just pee on my parade why don't you? Bake Off's on channel 4 not BBC you eejit.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
28-Aug-2019 19:54 Message #4749932
I loved the Bake Off when it first started with Mary Berry & Co but now its gone right off, in my opinion. I dont like the way its gone. It's become silly and nothing really to do with cooking. It's just whoever can create the most dramatic & ostentatious. Pru Leith is OK but the rest of them..... weeeeeell...... I am not actually a Mary Berry fan, even though she is a near neighbour, but she certainly made the programme more entertaining and interesting.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
28-Aug-2019 22:45 Message #4749964
im well aware b/o moved from the beeb to ch4.
the point im making w/h is not just about the bbc, its across all the channels and there is now just too much of it...
celeb masterchef,
im a celeb,
etc etc.
it goes on for months covering all the prime time slots.
the only blessing seems to be that these types of programs have diminishing viewing figures.

i recall you a while back bemoaning the amount of footie on tv for a world cup, but at least that starts to tail off quickly as the games get fewer, and its only once every four years, but i never felt the need to call you any names as its just opinions on a public forum.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
29-Aug-2019 07:05 Message #4749989
Bake Off is the best of the cookery programmes.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
29-Aug-2019 11:03 Message #4750012
No sport is on all year round and other programs are cancelled to accomodate it, if a match over runs then if you have something set up to record then it gets messed up. Theres some sporting fixture on every year, one year its the olympics, then football, and on and on it goes

I agree that there are to many celebrity programs, but bake off isn't one of them, I don't get things like love island and big brother, I can't see the facination. I do like strictly, I don't know who most of the celebs are so I just see them as people learning a new skill, I'd love to be able to dance, but having the English Non Dancing Gene I can't.

I just hoped to start a happy thread, but obviously that was a daft idea. I agree that a lot of the baking has gone a bit daft, but I suppose it shows the skill of the contestants has gone up over the years and a perfect victoria sponge just won't cut it anymore, although I'd like to see if the contestants can do the basics as well as the artistic stuff.
joolsy  Female  Essex
29-Aug-2019 11:11 Message #4750013
Paul hoolywod is good eye candy i think lol lol .sorry its me hormones lol x
KatieBubbles  Female  West Sussex
31-Aug-2019 15:08 Message #4750330
No joolsy. I love the programme but hate Paul Hollywood. What he has in looks he loses in personality lol. I prefer Noel thingy.

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