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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London
26-Aug-2019 11:16 Message #4749676
Social media is alive this weather with photos of dogs left in cars, gathering mobs and chants of smash the windows.
Have you witnessed this? Would you smash a window? Have you done so?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
26-Aug-2019 11:21 Message #4749678
I would smash a window, but I wonder how much of this is "real"? A lot of "concerned citizens" like to get themselves worked up into a froth about stuff where theres no danger, whilst ignoring real ones.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
26-Aug-2019 13:48 Message #4749683
I’m with wonderoushen on this one. People often act concerned to look big or clever when the animal is not suffering or likely to suffer. It’s a social media bee in the bonnet thing.
That’s not to say we should ignore real danger and I would break a window if it was necessary.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
26-Aug-2019 18:55 Message #4749712
My dog has been alone in the car for very short periods. Even in hot weather it’s a matter of common sense.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
26-Aug-2019 19:33 Message #4749713
I would use my own judgement ,and if I thought the animal was in distress I would smash the window without hesitation
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
26-Aug-2019 19:47 Message #4749715
Leaving a dog in a car in the heat can be classed as a Criminal Offence so call 999 and alert the Police.
It's admirable to be a have-a-go hero but if you take it upon yourself to intervene before they arrive and start smashing windows you'd better make very certain that what you're doing is a last resort or it'll be you getting your collar felt.
Templar2013  Male  South East London
27-Aug-2019 14:56 Message #4749773
if you follow the social media faux-concern it is usually pathetic. Dog spotted in car. Someone so worried about the animal they take a photo and put it on Facebook. Dozens of posters then add to the photo saying how the dog owner should be lynched and then along come the inevitable idiots posting incitements to break windows.
While all these "concerned" citizens are getting their sanctimonious moment of glory on social media the dog owner has returned to his car and driven off.
alliez  Female  West Yorkshire
28-Aug-2019 19:40 Message #4749931
I've broken car windows on two occasions to get dogs out of hot cars as they were suffering.

A few years ago I was involved in a dog sport which sometimes took place at country shows and despite organisers stressing to people arriving with dogs that their rule was NO dogs to be left in cars it was often ignored. As part of our agreement with show organisers we provided stewards to patrol the car parks and notify them of any breaches of this rule. Sadly at one show I was the steward who found a yellow Labrador in a car with no open windows, parked in full sun who was obviously in distress. I contacted the vet on site who urged me to break the window when I described the symptoms she was displaying. The vet arrived on scene and began the process of cooling the dog down whilst the car owners were paged over the tannoy. Thankfully the dog survived although the owners were not at all thankful for our help in saving her after all it's only black dogs who can't cope with heat according to them and how would anyone expect them to walk a pregnant dog around the show! The second occasion a young puppy was left in a car that had been parked in shade but that hadn't lasted long, sadly the pup didn't survive, the family sobbed and sobbed and asked what more could they have done!

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