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Sunday HUGS

I deed my Sunday hug !

leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 12:51 Message #4749014
Good afternoon Sunday Huggers.

Did not see the regular Sunday Huggers messages started by Twinkle. So I will take the liberty to start...

My week: somewhat traumatic after the fall some 16 days ago, Still blue in the face , but a LOT better. The fall made me very insecure on my feet. Son, always the joker, told me to leave the bottle alone ! But an aperitive before a Sunday roast ( chicken ) is just what people need. So what is your aperitive ?
Shall we ave it out on the patio? The sun is shining and I want to make the most of the day.
Come and have a look at the tiny cucumbers and the 2 red tomatoes! beans - a bit late- in full flower. in

My sweethearts K9 Huxley and Bella will visit me for an hour or 2 so that my daughter and her husband plus friends can go out to the Tiptree jam factory and have a look around. When dogs are out of the way again, I am off to play Rummikub. I am rather good at this game .

warm {{{HUGS}}} from me and a few Continental smackers left , right, left XXX.

leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 12:58 Message #4749017
I am in Need of either a new brain or a new keyboard!!
Judance  Female  Berkshire 18-Aug-2019 13:59 Message #4749019
Hugs to you Leogirl .. I hope your bruises fade soon.

The sun has finally come out here and I've got some washing on the line. I walked to Sainsbury's with my trusty trolley as I wasn't doing a big shop, but still had to manoeuvre the massive roadworks that have taken over the town!

Just having a snack lunch and will cook myself something later.

Mikejon  Male  Lincolnshire 18-Aug-2019 15:03 Message #4749024
I have received two one-line messages, the second (today) states that he is 'homeless, sick and needs my help' -quite disturbing as without a permanent address he would be unable to get the attention of a Doctor, the first priority. Get himself to A&E would seem to be the best option. I'm not not going to reply as somebody writing me messages out of the blue are always suspect though his profile doesn't indicate any sort of domestic trouble and is detailed enough not to raise any concerns and looks completely normal. Instinct kicks in and suggests a 'block'. A different sort of 'hugger' or should that be '?ugger'? Any suggestions comments welcome please and will be treated with respect!
Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire 18-Aug-2019 15:41 Message #4749025
I'm glad someone has done it! Take a bow, Leo girl!
It's been quite a week for the weather. I was out today though it was quite windy and caught up with my dead heading.

Hug hug hug
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 18-Aug-2019 15:58 Message #4749027
Hello Leogirl and all others. (((hugs)))

I was up at 5,0am for my usual trip to the CB sales. Got some really good bargains today, mainly as rain stopped play. We went to 3 and as we got to each one the heavens opened, hence things were given away. I bought lovely rasperries, strawbs and bleberries all for 50p large punnets. I have frozen most of them. No auctions today here due to hols but we managed 2 yesterday.

Leogirl, I hope you soon mend. Take it a bit easy for a while & dont worry, we all get a bit wobbly as we get older. But you're NOT getting older yet.

Weather forecast for tonight is a bit chilly in the countryside so get those winter PJ's out.

V x (((hugs)))
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 18-Aug-2019 17:43 Message #4749034
Hello Leogirl,
Thanks for starting the thread. I'm currently sweltering in Sicily having visited Mount Etna this morning.
I will catch up on (((HUGS))) and messages on my return.
leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 18:24 Message #4749036
thanks Judance for get well wishes.
just need a lot of rest . I think I had a slight concussion .

I met with the tarmac near Sainsbury in Springfield. Lots of road widening work going on there ., Pavement very uneven .
leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 18:30 Message #4749037

All I can think of is that ANYONE can write a honest looking profile.
Have you checked where the e-mail was supposed to be send from? Was it somewhere from your region? Then sender is homeless and yet access to a computer? MMM sounds very iffy?

leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 18:33 Message #4749039
Keithagian .

I should have been in the garden doing a bit of tidying , but had a siesta instead.
{{{Hugs}}} to you.
leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 18:38 Message #4749042
Victoriana you did well with your soft fruit bargain !

I have an other 3 days to go before I am getting older!!!
leogirl  Female  Essex 18-Aug-2019 18:46 Message #4749047
hello Twinkle!

What an exciting holiday. ARE YOU TRAVELLING IN A GROUP OR SOLO? enjoy yourself! . Sending you {{{Hugs}}} from a dry , but very cloudy Essex . Shall go for a gentle walk before a cup of tea and a sandwich .

Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 18-Aug-2019 19:19 Message #4749050
Hello Leogirl and all Sunday Huggers

A bit late on parade today as I took 4 cadets to a volunteer gliding squadron near Dereham where they undertook glider and powered aircraft simulator training. All good, no serious crashes - lol. They all enjoyed them selves and gained their 'wings'

Hugs to all

Sea  Female  Essex 19-Aug-2019 21:17 Message #4749126
Hi Leogirl.
I hope you are feeling better and bruises go down soon. I am afraid this is going to be Monday Hugs again, as Sunday I was at the Purbeck Festival, without any wi-fi. Certainly an iteresting weekend weatherwisw but thankfully most of the acts were undercover, as one very large barn and one smaller one. Previous weekend I was at 'The Sidmouth Festival. so no time to browse MSE etc. Bad weather seems to be following me, as due to very hgh winds the final day, torchlit processions followed by fireworks, was cancelled. They realised that soggy fireworks would not quite produce the explosive outcome expected. Likely a soggy splutter. Anyway very late Sunday Hugs to all on a Monday.

(((Hugs))) (((Hugs))) ((((Hugs)))

Mikejon  Male  Lincolnshire 8-Sep-2019 08:49 Message #4751399
To LEOGIRL- Thanks for your comment/advice. Nofurther contact with 'homeless gent with family' - quite relieved he didn't bother me further after I refused /couldn't respond!

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