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Jeremy Corbyn

Is our leader.

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NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 15-Aug-2019 21:08 Message #4748814
So Jeremy says lets all get together and stop No Deal

So if they all want to get together, Jeremy says that is fine, But Jeremy must be leader
Is Jeremy sounding over confident?

Can someone remind Jeremy about Neil Kinnock.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Aug-2019 21:38 Message #4748829
Is this the same Jeremy Corbyn who pissed and moaned about how undemocratic it was that Boris Johnson was installed as PM by 160,000 Tory members?....
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 15-Aug-2019 21:46 Message #4748832
I might be wrong here, but did his letter/email/whatever actually use the words Jeremy must be leader?
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 15-Aug-2019 21:50 Message #4748833
Not those exact words Terry, but same meaning.

Caretaker leader of an interim government.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 15-Aug-2019 21:58 Message #4748838
If Labour had any other leader other than Corbyn they would be pushing him as caretaker leader. Even Labour don’t want Corbyn whether temporary or more permanent.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Aug-2019 11:05 Message #4748865
Theres been several names put forward as interim PM in a caretaker government, Corbyn seems to be to divisive for anyone to trust him to do as he says, whether thatd true or not I don't know, but he does have form for wriiggling on hooks of his own making. I think its a terrible thing that the leader of the opposition is so distrusted by so many MP's including many in his own party that they're prepared to let the mess of a no deal happen instead. I think its time and past time for Corbyn to step down and go back to the back benches where he can be a good constituency MP and campaign for the things he believes in.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 16-Aug-2019 11:25 Message #4748871
The problem Labour have is that the Parliamentary Labour Party is out of step with the party membership regarding Corbyn. The general membership love him, the PLP tolerate him at best.
Labour MP's are desperate to be in Government, but they really don't want Corbyn at the helm. A tricky dilemma indeed.

One thing is for sure, the autumn will be shit or bust time in so many ways - Boris Johnson is, at least for now, sticking to his guns, we will leave on Oct 31st.
Remainers need to come together to stop it.
How will they do it?
Who has the ability to unite them against Johnson?
Will Johnson be out of a job in 3 months time?...
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 16-Aug-2019 12:28 Message #4748878
Boris is a smart guy.

If he puts forward a deal and it's rejected he looks worse than May. If he leaves with a similar deal he looks almost as good as May. If he says anything other than we leave on 31st October he has reneged on the one and only thing he was given leadership to do. If we leave with no deal and it is a dismal failure he will blame May, the electorate and everyone else.
Basically Boris can do only thing. Sit tight. Leave with no deal. Play on his zip wire.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Aug-2019 18:52 Message #4748890
Ken Clarke has said he'd be willing to lead such a temporary government as long as everybody tried everything else first. But then I guess seeing as he's said he's standing down at the next GE and he's the longest serving member he's not going to get another shot at being PM, on the other hand he could be seen as the lesser of two or three evils.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 16-Aug-2019 18:53 Message #4748891
But is no deal even possible?
If not, Boris will have to go for an election, the election would be before October 31st.

And it does look that way.

And the only potential PM that is not compromised by Brexit is then Nigel Farage.

Boris Johnson unable to deliver Brexit by Oct 31st.
Swinson and Corbyn wanting to defy a democratic referendum result.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 16-Aug-2019 19:02 Message #4748892
I certainly wouldn't trust Corbyn as far as I could throw him - what's the betting he delays calling the election if he gets his grubby paws on the keys to number 10? The bloke hasn't made a decision since he became leader.
It will be a coup that any dictator would be proud of...
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 16-Aug-2019 22:57 Message #4748903
Maybe we need a dictator for a while? make us all remember how we got here.
Neros1954  Male  Devon 17-Aug-2019 08:18 Message #4748914
It must be frustrating if you are a fan of Corbyn, terry. When he was first thrust into the limelight he was talked of as an honest, refreshing change wanting fairness for all. Then slowly people realised he was nothing of the sort and the longer he has been leader it seems the less popular he has become even within his own party. It must be time for him to take a backseat and let the Labour Party move on with a leader with ideas which members can relate to and which are viable in today’s world.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 17-Aug-2019 09:34 Message #4748925
"Maybe we need a dictator for a while? make us all remember how we got here."

As long as it's the right (or maybe that should be left) sort of dictator?...

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 17-Aug-2019 10:07 Message #4748927
Or maybe just someone who cares about all and is reasonably honest (considering we are all dishonest to some degree), whether right, left, up, down, half and half doesn't really matter.
To be honest, my previous comment was said partly in jest, but maybe it's still a valid option.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 17-Aug-2019 10:21 Message #4748928
Do you have someone in mind?...
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 17-Aug-2019 11:57 Message #4748937
Meself, with the rider that the military knock me off after two years because the role would release my dark side as an attempt of bringing sense to people, and two years might give enough time to turn society's views on it's head.
But that's not going to happen thankfully, so a more rational suggestion might be an ex MP from up this way, based on my talks with him and the fact that out of all MP's I've had contact with (not that many I'll admit), this bloke is the only one who's always had time to support and talk. Interestingly and possibly surprisingly, he was a Tory MP, but I reckon he's a decent bloke from what experience I have of him - which I'll accept is limited so I may be wrong.
I did try to think of non political persons but probably need more time for that.
Michaelt  Male  Devon 17-Aug-2019 14:44 Message #4748943
There are a lot of people on this site who would happily pull the wings of a butterfly because that's their mindset.

But im ignoring them when I say that Jeremy Corbyn will lead the first Socialist Labour Government to victory in this country since WW2 when Clement Attlee's Socialist Labour Government swept to power to rebuild this country, we need the same rebuilding today following 40 plus years of right wing Tory rule tearing our country apart.

Who's going to pay for it I hear you ask ?.

We are because we live here.
Michaelt  Male  Devon 17-Aug-2019 15:31 Message #4748945
Hierophant , I wouldnt trust you as far as I could throw you, and I dont know you, as much as you dont know Jeremy Corbyn.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 17-Aug-2019 15:34 Message #4748946
Michaelt, you wouldn't get close enough to me to even attempt throwing me anywhere, I don't know you either, but one thing I do know, just like Corbyn you talk a complete load of bullshit...
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 17-Aug-2019 16:11 Message #4748948
"following 40 plus years of right wing Tory rule "

Michaelt  Male  Devon 17-Aug-2019 17:37 Message #4748952
fosy , Why dont you give it a rest, your postings are as boring to me as my postings are to you. Go back to your knitting.

You are clearly leading a very closeted life, far aware from the main issues of the day....
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 17-Aug-2019 18:00 Message #4748955
Michaelt..."following 40 plus years of right wing Tory rule tearing our country apart."

Of ffs, give over with these blatant untruths! Why can't you accept that Labour have been in power for some of these 40 years? It isn't all down to the Tories!

More people may be able to take your comments a little more seriously if you care to post verifiable truths rather than the rubbish you insist on repeating time and time again!
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 17-Aug-2019 18:01 Message #4748956
Fosy you are upsetting Michaelt, you must remember Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were Conservatives.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 17-Aug-2019 18:06 Message #4748957
Michael. Who knows who would pull the wings off of butterflies. Maybe you would Michael. As far as anyone here knows I might do just that. It could be Corbyn’s hobby. It is a rather unfair accusation to make.
Clement Attlee was a good leader and possibly the best we have known but he started with a big advantage of a country which was rock bottom and the only way was up. I think most leaders would have looked good at that time but that takes nothing away from Attlee.

We haven’t seen a Labour government since 2010 and after 9 years of the Tories perhaps it’s time for a change and perhaps that change will be Corbyn. I don’t think Corbyn will do much decision making as I think Labour policy has already been decided by those on the extreme left and what they say will obviously be what goes!

If Labour do get in I think it will be a rough and expensive ride for the country and unfortunately a ride that holds back business and investment and maybe even force some much needed companies overseas. I hope I am wrong.

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