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Hi me darlins .

joolsy  Female  Essex
13-Aug-2019 03:15 Message #4748498
Hi me darlins .hows you all doing .ive just come out of hospiral .this time my shitty illness has taken my sight in my left eye .it woint be coming back .but on a positive my right eye is amazi ng lol .its taking a while to adjust as drs are tryi g to keep the sight in my remaining ..... eye.ive said i would do what ever to keep my sight .ànyways just wanted to let you nos .why i havent been about .got lots of tales to tell of my time in hospital some very funny .keep smiling me darlins .love to all xxx
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
13-Aug-2019 03:27 Message #4748500
Joolsy, you really are a star and in the best of all possible worlds you wouldn't be going through any of this. All I can say is your attitude is your greatest ally, and I hope all goes well from now on.
Love and hugs (())
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
13-Aug-2019 06:07 Message #4748501
Really sorry to hear that Joolsy....My thoughts are with you...x
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire
13-Aug-2019 06:40 Message #4748503
Welcome back Joolsy and best wishes.
joolsy  Female  Essex
13-Aug-2019 08:09 Message #4748511
Im going to get a eye patch like madona .lol .my son in law kev keeps singing gabrielle songs when im wearing me sunglasses .the rascal . The brain is amazing .it has heightened my senses .hearing .and my sense of smell .im loving nice smells lol .havent a clue whý x
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
13-Aug-2019 08:25 Message #4748512
It’s your positive attitude joolsy. x
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
13-Aug-2019 11:32 Message #4748525
I'm so glad you're back Joolsy, I was wondering what had happened to you since you moved. Sorry to hear about your eye though, I don't know if your other senses really become stronger or if you become more aware of them? How are you settling into your new place?
badman  Male  Suffolk
13-Aug-2019 11:35 Message #4748528
You're an inspiration to us all Joolsy. XX
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
13-Aug-2019 12:56 Message #4748532
We'll have a whip round for a parrot for you Joolsy ... r'l'f.

Glad you're recovering.

Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
13-Aug-2019 13:08 Message #4748534
Joolsy, you are so lovely from within too. I am sorry you are going through such a lot. ((((hugs)))) V xxx
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester
13-Aug-2019 18:52 Message #4748575
Great attitude Jools xx
Witheflow  Male  North Yorkshire
13-Aug-2019 19:37 Message #4748580
Shine on Joolsy /\
Phoenixnights  Female  Nottinghamshire
13-Aug-2019 20:37 Message #4748590
So glad to see you back again and on the usual top form,

ravspal  Female  Dorset
14-Aug-2019 08:06 Message #4748667
Such a strong positive lady. As everyone says an inspiration to all.

honeybun06  Female  Derbyshire
14-Aug-2019 08:50 Message #4748669
Your positive attitude is inspirational Joolsy. xx
FAITHY  Female  North Yorkshire
14-Aug-2019 21:21 Message #4748755
I am so sorry to hear this Joolsy. But really hope that you will be ok. Look after yourself. Lots of love xxx
Judance  Female  Berkshire
14-Aug-2019 22:41 Message #4748766
Oh joolsy!

I really don't know how you manage to stay so upbeat. I suppose this one-eyed state is going to affect our pole-dancing routine?!

Keep smiling, lovely lady

Hugs xx
Joaney  Female  Leicestershire
15-Aug-2019 10:54 Message #4748781
Lovely to hear from you Jools wondered where you had got to. x
leogirl  Female  Essex
18-Aug-2019 12:55 Message #4749016
Jools you are a STAR ! What positive attitude .
sending you warm wishes
leogirl .
Sea  Female  Essex
19-Aug-2019 21:20 Message #4749127
Hi Joolsy, Really sorry to hear you have suffered some knocks recently. Glad to hear that you are boucing back. You take care. xx

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