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The omens!


9-Aug-2019 08:43 Message #4748052
I was in my local town centre and being an impulsive sort I thought I'd go into a bookmakers and put £2 on a horse whose name was relevant to my band. After looking at the screens I saw nothing relevant until I spotted "Jay Jay Maxes". The relevance being our drummer's initials are JJ (I call her that). I looked at form and the last 6 races it finished 6,4,1,4,2 which is almost my phone number. Omen? Surely not! I put my bet on (with 4 minutes to spare!). Went home and logged on to the 'net to see how it got on... (Pause for dramatic effect...)
No trace of a horse called Jay Jay Maxes. Hmmm. Turned out to be a greyhound! Anyway I found the meeting (Crayford) and the time (12:52) and waited for the website to update with the race result...and guess what - it won! £2 on, £8 back so I bought the lady a bottle. Nett profit for me 2p!

leogirl  Female  Essex
9-Aug-2019 13:40 Message #4748096
invest it wisely !

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