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Bravecto for cats

Side effects?

Siesta09  Female  Essex
7-Aug-2019 22:16 Message #4747867
Hi my vet prescribed Bravecto for my cat (usually use Frontline) and he seems ok in himself - has eaten etc - but is excessively grooming more (all over his body, not at the site where it was applied) - has anyone else experienced this? Have googled it and scared myself to death about the potential side effects!!

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
8-Aug-2019 00:22 Message #4747882
I always just used a flea collar, much cheaper and they definitely work.

My pussy never had any fleas, or ticks.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
8-Aug-2019 08:27 Message #4747892
Flea collars and frontline are like antibiotics - over time they become less and less effective - also depends on whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat.

Bravecto is not only for fleas but also for mites, so is more effective.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
8-Aug-2019 10:53 Message #4747904
Why don't you call the vets and ask them? There are other treatments than spot on's such as frontline, theres a three monthy injection that does fleas and worms. Did you take your cat to the vet? Sometimes this excessive grooming is a stress response so if he was bundled in a box and taken somewhere strange to be poked and prodded it might have discomposed him, cats are strange creatures.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
8-Aug-2019 13:45 Message #4747922
Siesta, do check with your vet asap . Some years ago my 2 cats had an injection which I think was called Stronghold at he time. Both were allergic, one died and the other was very ill.
Siesta09  Female  Essex
8-Aug-2019 19:19 Message #4747971
Hi thanks for the replies - he went to the vet a week or so ago so wasnt a stress response (other being held by me, he is such a fidget) but only put the treatment on last night. Apparently, I looked at the website and that response is quite common as the fleas are going frantic - I didn't think he had many (found 1 or 2 when combing)!?? He is a rescue so wouldn't be aware of previous reactions/responses. He seems ok now though thankfully. Now hoovered and washed everything he lies on !

Am so sorry to hear your sad loss Victoriana, this is devastating and what I was afraid of as he hasn't had this treatment while been with me before.

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