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The Future has finally arrived

Late but just as we imagined it back in the 60s

Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Aug-2019 08:04 Message #4747663
Robots, flying cars, rockets to Mars, artificial intelligence, space hotels, bases on the Moon.

Robots, AI and Machine Intelligence

Today, robots can be mated with artificial intelligence, (machine learning), and they learn about the world just the same way a baby learns about the world except they learn in hours rather than several years and yes, for sure, they are now on the cusp of taking millions more manual worker jobs while machine learning logarithms hidden inside other bots and devices are advancing into white collar jobs, other professions, the medical world and finance, etc.

Today, A.I and machine intelligence can write a song, (or a newspaper column), so expertly that a human couldn't distinguish such creativity from a real human's work ... and soon, even your fridge or microwave oven is going to notice, (and act accordingly), when you're having a bad hair day!

Intelligent systems now diagnose some cancers more accurately than humans, track and trace individuals from space or scan a party crowd to make sure every punter gets served a drink in the order they may have arrived at a packed bar.

Flying Cars

EHANG of China have manufactured a drone big and clever enough to allow a pedestrian to operate and fly the Ehang 184 simply by means of an app … and you won’t need a pilots licence.

Rockets to Mars

Elon Musk and Space X are just months, or maybe only weeks, away from launching orbit reaching prototypes of their behemoth, stainless steel clad, re-usable Starship monster of a rocket ship designed to take humans, (and human colonies), to Mars, one hundred passengers at a time. With its accompanying re-usable Superheavy tanker module to fuel deep space missions, we may see man stepping on the Martian surface within the next 5 years, possibly sooner.

Hotels in Space

Meanwhile, the richest man on earth, Jeff Bozos, (head of Amazon and space company Blue Origin), is on the cusp of lighting the touch paper to begin a space tourism industry where companies like Bigalow, currently testing inflatable space based habitat technology on board the orbiting I.S.S, will provide accommodation for space tourists, asteroid miners or reception facilities processing ongoing passengers to Mars.

Bases on the Moon

With Elon Musk / Space X sending Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, (and several of his artist friends), around the moon as Starship’s first paying customers, the American Artemis program returning a woman to the moon by 2024 and countries like China, India and even the UK also aiming their sights at our Moon, (with ideas of, this time, colonising it), the whole concept of space has changed from exploration to exploitation … not surprising when some small asteroids have been known to contain more gold or other precious resources within their modest make-up than any similar resources available or found on Earth.

If the internet has brought us our first Billion dollar companies, just wait to see that kind of wealth dwarfed by the first entrepreneurial pioneers who start colonizing space, space rocks and tourist routes for profit.

I promise you that the next 10 years, (which even some of us senior Midsummer members will, hopefully, get to witness), will be the most exciting times in human history as we truly do begin to venture out and populate our neighbouring planets.

Watch this space!
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
6-Aug-2019 09:33 Message #4747668
I still don't understand how we can really colonise the Moon, or Mars or wherever else..

Humans can't survive anywhere else....without special breathing equipment.....and it will take thousands , maybe millions of years to evolve enough to do so..

In the meantime...take your helmet off...and you're dead...pretty quickly, I think..

Now maybe a few could live up there in those conditions.....with helmets, suits etc, but it would be a bit of a sad society for thousands to do it.....all walking round in spacesuits...or if any 'indoor' things were built by the few originals, where you could take your helmets off etc, then forgetting to put them back on when going out for a fag...

Bit by bit they will make progress....but it will be many thousands of years before anything really significant...

Just my opinion...
Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Aug-2019 10:01 Message #4747670
Good morning, Tumbleweed.

I'd cite our outposts at Antartica as examples of humans living quite effectively in extreme conditions as an example.

With Superheavy, Space X's Starship Mars rocket will be able to travel to Mars autonomously at first, depositing several huge payloads of materials and resources prior to the start of any colonies. These resources will include automated processing plants to manufacture hydrogen based fuel for Starship's along with 3D printing technologies to use Martian resources to create human habitats, initially, underground.

And yes. Life will be grim, extremely dangerous and possibly short for many ... but you know what us humans are like. :-)

Those conditions won't stop us, TW.

"it will be many thousands of years before anything really significant..."

We don't have thousands of years, Tumbleweed. We need to become a multi-planet species and, anyway, people today, right at this very moment, are already building the technology to support humanity's first steps out onto the Red Planet.

This weeks news re Starship plans. SHORT CLIP HERE

Animation. HERE

Presentation (from this week) LONG CLIP HERE
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
6-Aug-2019 10:12 Message #4747671
I understand what you're saying....and i'll watch the clips when I am able to, as I'm on a library PC at the moment, and then have nurse appointment..

I think the conditions on Mars or Moon are vastly different to here though, even the most extreme earth conditions are not anywhere near...

We haven't found much on Mars yet...although scientists will probably disagree...

It's amazing though that we can get there....and we've had 'explorers' up there for years....I think some were only meant to last a few months...but one lasted years....I think it's still going....moving slowly along...I was hoping to see some Martians waving back at it though....Maybe today will be that day...
Beach  Male  Dorset
7-Aug-2019 08:09 Message #4747792
Yes. Both Spirit and Opportunity rovers were sent out in 2004, (on a mission expected to last 90 days) yet Opportunity went on to perform for 15 years ... and,as we speak, the Land Rover sized Curiosity rover, carrying all sort of amazing tech and laboratory resources, is still rolling.

Actually, we should raise a glass because it is exactly 7 years ago TODAY since it landed at Bradbury Landing, Gale crater, Mars, in a location named in honour of my own hero and role model, Ray Bradbury.

HAPPY LANDING, CURIOSITY. It's your 7th anniversary since touching down on the Red Planet. :-)


OK. Thanks for planning to look at the Space X agenda / video / presentations for colonizing Mars. (One day, I hope my own technology will be part of the mix up there).

Also check out Boston Dynamics and their awesome array of humanoid and animal themed robots.

Apparently, Spot mini, (which looks a little like a dog, will soon become BD's first actual domestic robotic product and when you appreciate what Spot can do, you begin to see that, very soon, these things are likely to just become part of the furniture.

And basic, affordable, consumer versions of humanoid robots like Boston Dynamic's Atlas robot Atlas will soon be taking over the dangerous tasks that service personel, (Firemen, Coastguard, others), used to risk their lives to perform.

And I want one ... so that I can sack the gardener, the window cleaner, the labourer, the cleaner, (Sorry Jackie), the mechanic, the personal trainer and the guy that puts out my recycling. (No. I'm joking ... or am I?)

Incidently, when you look at Space X's Starship, do you notice that it is, near, identical in design and looks to Tin Tin's classic cartoon rocket?

I think Elon Musk has manufactured it that way for a reason.

The retro look harks back to the 60's I mention in this thread's title. It forces us to see that rocket as we might have seen it as a little boy or a little girl.

And Musk has always said himself, "We need a good reason to get up in the morning ... so what better reason could we have other than to go out and explore the universe?" (I'm paraphrasing but that was his sentiment ... and Starship, the rocket ... the rocket that looks like a toy every little boy played with as a child ... is currently being prototyped and is expected to take its first "Blast off" into "Space" real soon. :-)
Beach  Male  Dorset
8-Aug-2019 22:49 Message #4748020
Two Space X Starship prototypes based on the designs capable of carrying 100 people to the Moon or Mars are now being built at two sites in the U.S.A. (Texas and Florida). Both will be capable of entering orbit as part of Elon Musk's ongoing plans to build the infrastructure and transportation to enable humans to colonise Mars.

The Starship will also eventually render all of Space X's existing rocket fleet redundant when the new, reusable, system is perfected ... and the same starship rockets will enable people to travel from, (and to), anywhere on the earth with a launch / landing facility in approxiamately one hour.
Beach  Male  Dorset
8-Aug-2019 22:54 Message #4748021
Two Space X Starship prototypes based on the designs capable of carrying 100 people to the Moon or Mars are now being built at two sites in the U.S.A. (Texas and Florida). Both will be capable of entering orbit as part of Elon Musk's ongoing plans to build the infrastructure and transportation to enable humans to colonise Mars.

The Starship will also eventually render all of Space X's existing rocket fleet redundant when the new, reusable, system is perfected ... and the same starship rockets will enable people to travel from, (and to), anywhere on the earth with a launch / landing facility in approxiamately one hour.

Midsummer didn't like me posting a link so just go to geek dottt commm and look for the story Elon Musk Gives Sneak Peek of New SpaceX Starship Prototype Design
Templar2013  Male  South East London
9-Aug-2019 10:15 Message #4748060
The future always arrives. Very interesting posts.
Beach  Male  Dorset
9-Aug-2019 18:31 Message #4748133
Thanks, Templar. Appreciated. :-)

Space Tourism

Aside from the concrete plans for Musk and Space X to continue and expand their privately funded colonisation of Mars program, there is also a reasonable chance that space tourism will kick off, proper, before the year end, primarily, due to the progress Jeff Bezos, (of Amazon and space tourism company Blue Origin), who has been making strong progress developing the New Glen rocket system steadily and diligently over the last few years. (Like Space X's technology, the New Glen rocket lands back on the same launch pad it takes off from).

Meanwhile; I have no doubt, at all, that Virgin Galactic will also be one of the first high profile companies to exploit space over the next 50 - 100 years BUT the sooner Branson abandons his current, very sketchy, space tourism ideas the better as far as I am concerned. I view the whole Virgin Galactic space tourism "model" of space flight as a vanity project ... and a very dangerous one at that ... so cannot, presently, take the Virgin venture seriously. (Their space delivery system is crude, untried and untested if viewed in the context of most rocket delivery systems having a 50 year bed of knowledge and experience to rely on.)

And I say using tourists as guinea pigs in such a "plastic fuel" based novelty rocket is little short of criminal.

They will take tourists to space, of course they will, but luck wise, they have NO lives left as Branson, the cool cat, already realises. (Virgin Galactic plans to go public and float on the New York Stock Exchange for around $1.5 Billion ... which is just chicken feed compared to Space X's value at $30 Billion or Blue Origin's boss Jeff Bozos who happily spends $1 Billion a year funding his slick, safe, sexy cool space tourism start up. :-)

Virgin floating for $1.2 Billion? I'm guessing he and his partners have probably already invested several hundred million dollars getting the venture this far ...

There can be no more fatalities at Virgin Galactic, (there have been several Virgin G related deaths already), and it will only take ONE launch, orbit or re-entry mishap to end his silly entrepreneurial approach to space flight. And don't forget, unless there have been drastic modiifications, the Virgin spaceship DOES NOT have abort technology to save its passengers or pilot anywhere long the parameters of the space flight. (Space X, Boing and Blue Origin DO have these safety features on their crew / tourist capsules).

See my other thread,

for more thoughts on Virgin Galactica.

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