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Serious or laughter...

which is more dangerous or damaging?..

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tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Aug-2019 17:25 Message #4747598
We will all be able to relate different situations where one is more dangerous or damaging than the other...

We will all have our own opinions...

We will all be 'guilty' of our own usage of either one causing more danger or damage...

My opinion though is that Serious by far causes more danger/damage to the World, than laughter.....

It's also my opinion that most of us are aware of that..

So why aren't we laughing more..Do some not have anything to laugh about?...Too many serious things in their lives?..Do some people hide behind those serious things...illnesses, wars order to not laugh at life.?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
5-Aug-2019 18:56 Message #4747608
No I don't think that, but I do think some things are to serious to laugh about, like the mass shootings in the USA over the weekend and a 17 year youth throwing a 6 year old boy off a roof at the Tate Gallery. I've enjoyed your contributions to Raach's thread where there loads of jokes, I've stolen a few of them, I can't remember who's, but I've caught a few people on the hop with them.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
5-Aug-2019 19:18 Message #4747609
We should be able to laugh more, but I think life has suddenly become too serious, complicated and demanding. Years ago, and especially after the war (s) people had to concentrate far more on just existing, and putting food on the table. Nowadays everyone seems to be 'on the make' or trying to con someone. It's far more 'everyone for themselves', than helping others now.Also with the new Hi tec revolution, people have become far less sociable face to face., and are losing the ability to socialise.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Aug-2019 19:30 Message #4747612
It's a bit of a strange that we're all going to have our own thoughts on..

There's a smaller picture, individuals, people you meet in life, people online, all sorts....who it's difficult to imagine them laughing at anything...

Then there's the bigger picture, World leaders in that one, amongst others...and some of them seem as though they don't laugh much, if at all..

Now that all might be ok, if they are 'happy' not laughing...or if any of them/us are dealing with 'serious' issues in our lives, or in the World at that moment....that is expected....

But to never laugh?.....To take everything too be burdened by all the Worlds can't be healthy surely....

but unfortunately there appear to be people like that....and some are in positions where they create wars...I don't think many wars are created through laughter....well, maybe a few...depends what you laugh at...
Beach  Male  Dorset
5-Aug-2019 19:32 Message #4747613
Wilhem Reich, the government suppressed psychoanalyst 75 years ahead of his time when it came to sexuality, the sexual revolution and several fascinating alternate ways of looking at or dealing with ill health, suggested that everything in the universe worked on a build up, a plateau and a release style system that could get clogged or inhibited. (My crude paraphrased words, not his).

But when you look at anything, the life cycle, the blowing up of a balloon, the human orgasm, or even the way a star is born, grows and, eventually, explodes in a supernova, those same three influences are always at play.

Build up. Plateau. Release.

And, I’d say, that the same process needs to be employed, (in the form of a balance or a managed process for living), to best utilise life, our own receptacle for living life, (our body), and our mental approach to experiencing life.

And in such cases, sometimes we will apply discipline, (being serious), sometimes we will exhibit humour or enjoy having fun, (Release) and sometimes, life will be somewhere in between where we may be building up towards some adventure, some crisis or some event that will ultimately plateau before ending explosively, positively or negatively.

Reich, who was controversial in arranging scientific sexual experiments back in the 1930s, was penalised for daring to explore the subject so candidly back then … yet, today in our schools, we have sex education that nobody even bats an eyelid at. (We should be thanking Reich for that sensibility).

And Reich’s book, The Function of the Orgasm, (published 1942), shouldn’t or needn’t be viewed in some frivolous way but should be regarded as a work on sexuality that bridged social issues, described the importance of sex in general and laid the foundations for the liberated world we all live in today.

So to answer your question, TW.

I’d say that neither serious nor fun based pursuits or outlooks are any more beneficial or destructive than the other.

Rather, a human life will probably prosper and be healthy if the ebbs and flows of its own energy are listened to and / or acted upon accordingly … just as we act to shift the direction of a sailboat's sails when confronted by winds from any or all directions.
Beach  Male  Dorset
5-Aug-2019 19:43 Message #4747615
I have a friend who's father was regarded as the world's no. 1 expert on Wilhelm Reich so I once had the rare privilidge of hearing about Reich's work, (and seeing precious research material), while chatting to my friend's father over dinner.

Don't be taken in by the lucrative Orgone Energy Industry built up around some of Reich's more adventurous ideas because, like some of Nikola Tesla's controversial experiments, some unscrupulous people just like to sensationalise and sell trinkets and gadgets claiming to be based on the great works or ideas of pioneers like Reich and Tesla.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
5-Aug-2019 19:58 Message #4747617
when I was a kid my parents used to get a magazine called readers digest and I was allowed to read the"laughter is the best medicine "section, and its a motto I,ve kept too most of my life...….lol
Beach  Male  Dorset
5-Aug-2019 20:01 Message #4747618
I often chat about serious stuff, TW. Well I call it D & M ... Deep and Meaningful stuff.

And people may automatically assume that I might be serious or deep and meaningful in real life.

But I'm not. :-)

And if anyone were to scan back over my posts, they would possibly notice that I litter all my posts with these smiley little references ... like this. :-)

I do it all the time. :-)

That should tell a reader something, shouldn't it?

So perceptions online are really not a great way of assessing just who we might be communicating with.

I take out 'Beach' to write a few deep and meaningfuls in the same way I might take out a sportscar and push the peddle to the floor!

I do it to enjoy the buzz of feeling the wind rush through my hair ... enjoying the jaunt and the experience of intellectually stretching my mind a little ... before returning to real life and a far more simple, (less taxing), environment. :-)
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-Aug-2019 20:13 Message #4747619
I used to like the 'Laughter is the best medicine' bit in the Digest....It was the bit I always tried to find first..

The right balance of serious and laughter is important...

The online thing though, it's difficult to get a proper picture...especially if you've never met...Usage of things can help, but I don't tend to use them very much...))(^^

Part of the thread came about by reading a comment on here earlier...One of the posters said something about not being here for small talk...only politics....and it seems they have a very narrow mind...It's also difficult to see them laughing at anything....maybe they are different in real life though....
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
5-Aug-2019 20:29 Message #4747622
online socialising is pants...……………..maybe kids can get it but I never know whats serious whats joking, then ya have to try and figure out whats real and whats fake...…..and typing loads just isn't for me...…..even in worki,d rather go face someone or talk on is for detail…
Michaelt  Male  Devon
6-Aug-2019 11:07 Message #4747677
Victoriana11 , Didnt a certain PM say decades ago that there was no such thing as society or community. ?. Didnt this PM introduce our "everyone for themselves" culture. ?, our housing culture allows gazumping does it not ?.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
6-Aug-2019 12:28 Message #4747693
I wonder if fun isn't being comercialised to an extent where its no longer fun, but something you have to do/endure before you can go back to doing what you really enjoy, in real life theres rarely autocue moments where we know to laugh now, maybe we're forgeting how to be spontneous?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
6-Aug-2019 13:41 Message #4747697
Do you think it's possible many people 'laugh' inside? and not out loud?
I rarely laugh out loud but often either smile to myself or laugh hysterically inside.
Does serious cause more danger/damage to the world? I don't think so, I think it's other things that cause more danger/damage, serious or humorous are simply ways we deal individually with what life throws at us, not the causes of what life throws at us, and yes, I do believe some people go through things in their lives where there is nothing to laugh at and it's not until those things in their lives stop that they can smile again.

Having said all that, I have spoken to people at the end of their lives who have still found humour right up to the last breath.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
6-Aug-2019 18:54 Message #4747734
I'm a bit like that Terry, but I do tend to giggle when something comes into my head to make me laugh and often its somewhere ridiculous like a supermarket, at least with so many people plugged ino their phones now people don't assume I'm a nutter.

Is it possible that people are to busy filming stuff on their phones to put on social media that they forget to enjoy it whilst its happening? I think of all the Japanesse tourists I've seen who pile out of a coach stand in front of something and take millions of photos and then pile back onto the coach for the next photo opportunity.

Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Aug-2019 19:53 Message #4747739
You raise a compelling point, Hen.

Living life by proxy, for example, through the lives of social influencers is a thing many younger folk pursue today.

Some live their lives through the experiences of Youtubers or Instagramers online rather than truly living, experiencing or evaluating life 100% for themselves. Or they attend a rock concert in person but stare at their phones while they superficially / digitally record a real moment but fail to absorb that real moment or experience long term in their own minds ... just as you have already observed and highlighted.

Others will ingratiate themselves with popular online individuals, (on Twitter, for example), hoping that such associations might knock off stardust that might, somehow, migrate over to them! Or, like on Midsummer, some will occasionally cause mischief purely to shift attention to themselves.

And then there are the other folk. The ones who act like crayfish in a bucket. Always attempting to drag any successful, (escaping), fellow crayfish back down to the bottom of the pail rather than letting them ever escape.

Euro is right though and online communication is pants for all the reasons she cites.

And even the smallest of online watering holes will always have crayfish.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
6-Aug-2019 20:10 Message #4747743
Laughter is what has kept me going, through my darkest hours...

That doesn't mean that I have always been able to laugh during those hours...often far from it..the laughter just isn't there at times, and nothing can make it come....

But thankfully the laughter returns...a bit like getting your appetite back after you have been ill...and it has been an essential part of life returning to normal....

Without it, I would be a lost soul..
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
6-Aug-2019 21:46 Message #4747755
I'm trying to figure whether being a crayfish is a good thing or not.
They taste pretty good sauteed in butter and garlic, I now that much.
Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Aug-2019 23:07 Message #4747774
It's a famous, well known and well used turn of phrase to describe kiljoys willing to sabotage anybody, (potentially), being more successful than themselves by expressing a viewpoint that, kind of, says, "If I have to be stuck in this bucket, I'm damned if I'll let others escape from it!"


From Wiki

Crab mentality, also known as crabs in a bucket (also barrel, basket, or pot) mentality, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you".[1] The metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. While any one crab could easily escape,[2] its efforts will be undermined by others, ensuring the group's collective demise.[
Beach  Male  Dorset
6-Aug-2019 23:11 Message #4747776
You do have a sharp (and funny) wit, TW.

Almost to the point of being gifted! :-)

And I'm being genuine in that comment ... not being sarcastic or anything
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
7-Aug-2019 07:07 Message #4747788
Some people laugh a lot and at least try to see a light-hearted side to most things. There is a lot of truth in the advice not to worry about things you can’t change. Laughter makes those around you feel happier and friendlier which in turn makes those laughing feel happier too.
They say laughter is contagious.
Some people have no wish to see the happier things in life and concentrate on bad news, Facebook moans and reminding others how bad everything is. One guy on here was asked why he never joined in any conversations which was a good question. Why would anyone want to join dozens of other people but not want to know anything about them or share any of their own joys in life? Why come on here and with every post have a moan? This isn’t singling out any one person but questions the motives of at least half a dozen regular posters. Why oh why?
I believe the media/social media is very much to blame for so many miserable people around us. It’s easy to say we are better informed these days but are we really? Are we not just fed news to manipulate our minds?
The papers only give us bad news. Social media is full of moaning people having their say on dog poo, badly parked cars, etc etc. Those who take in all this negativity then become the moaners themselves.
Of course there is nothing wrong with having a moan and nothing wrong with having a laugh but for a good healthy and happy life you need to have some balance.
Beach  Male  Dorset
7-Aug-2019 07:21 Message #4747791
Excellent, well considered, comments, MrQuiet, and voted so accordingly.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Aug-2019 11:30 Message #4747809
I'd never heard that crayfish in a bucket thing either Beach.
Beach  Male  Dorset
7-Aug-2019 15:16 Message #4747824
I’d been exhibiting my technology at the London International Innovation Fair at the Barbican, Hen, competing with 200+ other businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors from 20+ countries on earth and had first befriended a black South African fellow inventor and then a White South African inventor, always inviting them over to my stand at the same time!

Apartheid had come to an end just a couple of years earlier though the White South African inventor hadn’t really shown me that he had become comfortable or used to the new political situation in S.A … so I threw the black South African and the White South African together at every opportunity that … under the guise of helping me rearrange my own exhibition in some way or another.

It was the black South African who told me about a little South African proverb relating to crayfish in a bucket in reference to the cut throat innovation business that all of us were involved in.

By the end of the four day fair, all three of us were great friends and, to top off the event, I won an International Community Award for “my determination to see my own local community benefit” from my patented gravity based technology … and I also took the top award of the four day fair, International Engineering Invention of the Year.

And the following year, now being an actual manufacturer of my fledgling new technology and products, I beat a further 220+ other businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors from 25+ countries worldwide to take the International Inventor of the Year title, being described as an inspiration and a role model for all brave lone inventors. (We're a rare breed, you know). :-)

They wouldn’t let me compete the year after that but they commissioned me as an International Innovation Show Judge where I joined “the establishment” and supervised / judged competing entries at the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World LIVE International Innovation Show that year.

But I’m sure I may have already mentioned all this, perhaps, just once or twice before. lol
Withgoodintent  Male  North Yorkshire
7-Aug-2019 16:40 Message #4747833
Nothing wrong with a little boasting if it's true and you're proud of your achievements.

It's like Mo Farah telling us he's quite quick.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
11-Aug-2019 17:57 Message #4748352
I hadn't heard the crab thing either.

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