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Peace of mind

It's all we need.

Beach  Male  Somerset
3-Aug-2019 03:01 Message #4747335
It’s tougher talking to you, my pretties, having learned recently, to my horror, that few of you actually share the, down to earth, raw community interaction that I am lucky to experience via my own Hope and Anchor pub experience over the last 40 years. (Including having friends of 40 years to call upon.)

Hiero’s aspirations of being a Tory while being “skint” and living opposite a nightmare Vicky Pollard type figure screaming at her children is disconcerting to appreciate as is the cold, inert environment that Aely often refers to as representing her own particular environment.

Of course, Victoriana’s tales of her 500 year old dwelling , (and resident peacocks), and Barney’s garage of desirable classic cars shows off an affluent, other side to Midsummer’s eclectic mix of characters BUT … rich or poor, there is only one fundamental thing that really matters.

It is a thing called PEACE OF MIND.

Nothing … No chattels, no material worth, NOTHING MATERIAL will ever compensate or take the place of a simple thing called peace of mind.

Bullshit all you like. Peacock all you like. Boast of this and that all your life but … ultimately … until you cast off all the BS of “being better than the neighbours”, life can never truly open up to you.

Well ... That's my philosophy.

Would you agree?

Although the cynical, corporate, monetary world will tell you otherwise, you need nothing other than PEACE OF MIND to complete yourself. :-)
Beach  Male  Somerset
3-Aug-2019 03:21 Message #4747336
Ha ha. And yeah ...

I appreciate that none of you party, (being tucked up warm in your beds by 10pm), so, sure, we'll be discussing this later / tomorrow / whatever ... some time in the future. :-)

But jeez ... How come ... How come there is NEVER any other party animal alive and up to spar with me when I roll in after a fab night out?

Is it a case of Beach "On the pop again"?

Don't you dare!

I'm ... err ... a bit older these days but ... (as I'm now beginning to realise), I'm STILL pursuing a good time when so many other folk are rolling over and giving up!

Dare knock me for STILL enjoying life, company and a good party ... :-)
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
3-Aug-2019 09:01 Message #4747342
Good post Beach, I am so glad you have peace of mind, and do not consider yourself better than everyone else.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire
3-Aug-2019 09:46 Message #4747345
Peace of mind is all I have ever sought. It's been a lifetime's work.

We all have our human frailties and feel pain and suffering.

It is true that sticks and stones may break bones, but words can also wound, sometimes deeply and sometimes they break hearts. It costs nothing to be kind.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
3-Aug-2019 11:11 Message #4747348
For someone who's got a much 'superior' life to everyone else, with hundreds of 'real friends' to call on at any don't half come across as one sad pathetic nasty lonely unhappy individual fish/beach...

Just an observation....
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
3-Aug-2019 11:45 Message #4747356
What Minnie said.

I find my peace of mind away from other humans, out with nature and being with my animals, others humans are often vexatious to my spirit and I prefer the fictional people in my books to real live ones.
Beach  Male  Somerset
3-Aug-2019 13:35 Message #4747373
Thanks, Minnie and Hen, for your positive outlook. :-)

TW. It is a shame you feel that way.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
3-Aug-2019 23:27 Message #4747404
Nothing … No chattels, no material worth, NOTHING MATERIAL will ever compensate or take the place of a simple thing called peace of mind.

Sometimes it take something traumatic in our lives for us to realise what really matters.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
4-Aug-2019 06:49 Message #4747409
Oh dear Beach or whatever you are calling yourself today, are you trying to convince yourself, us or both, how fantastic your life is?
The constant name changes, the long, middle of the night rambling posts, one minute nice the next minute nasty..hmm the charge sheet goes on.
You have always been the same, an attention seeker who sounds really, really screwed up to me.
Still, you're not the only one, we are all screwed up in some way, that's probably why we come to this place, but you do take it to another level.
I do feel weirdly honoured getting a name check in your latest arse-kicking though, it's like having a dedication read out on the Jimmy Saville radio show - I feel slightly chuffed to see my name in lights but really creeped out at the same time...
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
4-Aug-2019 06:56 Message #4747411
Beach has posted on here for a very long time and I have nearly always found his posts interesting even if they become a bit maudlin in the early hours. Sometimes he reflects how I feel although I’m in bed asleep by ten so am able to resist posting.
Seriously, I think Beach has been trying to help revive the forum and should be encouraged but that’s just my opinion.
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire
4-Aug-2019 07:50 Message #4747420
most of us on here are old enough to be almost past it so trying to revive the forum would appear similar to trying to revive a dead kipper but so long as Beach/gone-fishing etc is keeping threads going, its all good and that's ok, ….aint it vanman?
Beach  Male  Somerset
4-Aug-2019 12:22 Message #4747464
It would be unreasonable to expect everyone to get me or my take on things but I'm grateful for those who do and sometimes see beyond the words on a page.

As to my own demeanor, I'd counter that I'm probably no different to anybody else here at Midsummer except that, perhaps, I wear my heart on my sleeve a little more comfortably than some or write a tad more emotively than others. And yes. Life is good and I guess I do wish to spread some upbeat, infectious, energy.

Can't do it all the time though. Can't always be positively bouncing up and down like Tigger ... and sure, getting verbally attacked on here in the manner I was just recently was not remotely pleasant. (Hence my absence and appropriately descriptive Gone Fishing name change for a little while.)

True. The peace of mind I refer to isn't, necessarily, something that we can purchase or pluck off of a shelf anytime we want to. Rather, it is a mental state either we have earned, (by appreciating we needn't sweat the small stuff), OR it is some unexpected gift we may have discovered after coming out of the other end of some big trauma or life evaluating moment.

Either way, unless you are the impatient sort with never enough time in your day, the concept of just slowing down or stopping and appreciating the simple joy of being alive, (a bit like experiencing the captivating frozen moment in time of watching a sunset), is a fantastic moment to recaliberate and remind yourself of some of the more meaningful experiences of living.

And sure. Not everyone reading this will get that but ...

They will one day. :-)

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