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Not Possible

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
1-Aug-2019 21:23 Message #4747248
Brexit is still not possible. Boris can bluster about his intentions, but it is simply impossible.
So why is Boris claiming he can deliver Brexit by November 1st?
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
1-Aug-2019 22:50 Message #4747257
if on the 31st oct. we leave with no deal [our default and legal position] is that not brexit ?

the remainers are having great difficulty trying to legally get around the above position.

also, its not impossible that boris could carry enough mp,s with him as the time draws nearer.
interesting times ahead...
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
2-Aug-2019 05:45 Message #4747274
What’s this Brexit you talk about? I have heard nothing. A strange word.

Brexit you say?
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire
2-Aug-2019 17:41 Message #4747304

Its what Boris claims he can do with no deal.
Even though we had the no deal nonsense before, parliament just votes it out.

The EU could force no deal, but they would lose 200 million pound plus a week in payments.
So the EU do not need to negotiate etc.

The bookmakers say there will be a general election, before Brexit.
So guess we have no brexit then.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
2-Aug-2019 18:33 Message #4747307
Tory majority down to one now, the parliamentary numbers arn't with a no deal.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
2-Aug-2019 20:18 Message #4747316
MrQuiet: "What’s this Brexit you talk about?"

The proper term is "Breaks it".

Breaks the UK economy.
Breaks many businesses.
Breaks supplies of food & medicines & raw materials for manufacturing.
Breaks standards for food, especially if from Uncle Donald.
Breaks life for more vulnerable ond poorer people.
Breaks co-operation to help catch criminals and terrorists.
Breaks the union with Scotland.
Breaks the union with Northern Ireland, and/or its Good Friday Agreement.

But don't worry. Boris says he can repair the breakages - I wish he'd reveal how, in detail!
Templar2013  Male  South East London
2-Aug-2019 20:34 Message #4747318
I’ve tried hard to understand any advantages of leaving the EU but can’t think of any. It seems most Leave supporters just quote financial figures or immigration statistics which are likely inaccurate.
SQL  Male  Devon
4-Aug-2019 09:08 Message #4747431
Templar2013 - 2-Aug-2019 20:34

It seems most Leave supporters ...

Let me give you a few alternative reasons:

1. The ability to make our own laws,
2. The ability to elect those who make the laws that govern the UK,
3. The ability to choose who we make trade deals with,
4. The ability (exclusively) to fish our own seas,
5. The ability to run our own national defences,

And yes, the ability to maintain our own national borders and control who is allowed to live in the UK and benefit from the many facilities, institutions and utilities that we, the UK taxpayer, have paid for over many years.

MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
4-Aug-2019 09:27 Message #4747433
SQL. Which are the worst three laws which we are forced to obey because the EU insist on it. How would we change these laws after Brexit? Would we do so immediately and unilaterally?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
4-Aug-2019 09:48 Message #4747435
The ability to fish our own seas.

What for? we've near as dammit emptied them already...other than all the rubbish we throw in them

Our own defences?? the defences chosen for us by the united states?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
4-Aug-2019 10:52 Message #4747448
Would we still be blindly following the USA in its military adventures to help with the dying? I don't see Europe dragging us into any wars.
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire
4-Aug-2019 15:55 Message #4747487
We complain. Of the United States of Europe while walking blindly into the United States ofAmerica. I know which one I would rather trust.
SQL  Male  Devon
5-Aug-2019 22:01 Message #4747637
MrQuiet - 4-Aug-2019 09:27

Which are the worst three laws which we are forced to obey because the EU insist on it.

Not necessarily laws, think of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), France receives about 22% of the total CAP, Germany about 14% and the UK about 9%. These three countries are have similar populations yet France gets the lions share of CAP and refuses to accept any reduction. They are currently lobbying for a 2% increase in their share after the UK leaves.

Next the EU Fishery Policy where to protect fish species at risk they pass laws to force boats to dump viable catches rather than land them and arrange for these catches to be sold at no benefit to the boat owners.

Again on the fishing scene, boat owners in the South West of the UK are pressured to scrap their boats, in Brixham near me the fishing fleet is now down to a handful of boats while the Spanish fishing fleets owners get subsidies and grants to build large vessels to fish in the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel.

Next the VAT laws, loads of minutiae in the regulations, why are there zero-rated items and exempt items? The net outcome to the treasury is the same but the paperwork and manpower is increased. EU directives on the VAT say that once a level of VAT has been set in can never be reduced, only increased.

HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
6-Aug-2019 05:21 Message #4747657
1. The ability to make our own laws,

But the question asked was which were three worst laws we have been forced to obey?

Aely  Female  Hampshire
7-Aug-2019 16:17 Message #4747829
Harland and Wolff shipyard, Belfast. Like some other important firms the EU forbids the UK to subsidize this ship building firm to rescue it from insolvency. I would guess that one reason it is in trouble is the EU competition laws which insist on Europe wide tendering. This might make some financial sense to Europe as a whole but does nothing for National security of production or British jobs.
3rd law - Europe pinches 80% of our fish.
Withgoodintent  Male  North Yorkshire
7-Aug-2019 16:37 Message #4747832

Once we leave the EU the main question for fisheries will be whether the UK allows access by foreign vessels to the UK EEZ. If the UK decided to do so, it would need to maintain a close working relationship with the EU to coordinate on regulations and to monitor fish stocks and quotas.

If the UK decided to exclude foreign vessels it would need to manage fish stocks that spill across boundaries with another country’s EEZ and address the potential loss of existing fishing rights for UK vessels outside the EEZ.

Whichever approach was decided on, the House of Commons Library says that the UK would still in all likelihood have to comply with any EU import requirements when selling fish to EU countries. The UK would have limited influence over what those requirements would be.

All the fishing furore is as real as Boris and his kippers hahaha!!!! What a chump.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Aug-2019 18:48 Message #4747848
If its all EU competition laws then why can't the UK government let wholesalers and retailers Brexit contignecy pan together in case of a no deal?

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