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is it only me...

Still Game.

fosy  Male  Leicestershire
26-Jul-2019 23:17 Message #4746491
that likes the above program.
i only ask because when favorite [comedy] programs are discussed i never see this one mentioned.

an easy going well written comedy that after 9 series is now coming to an end.

lots of laugh out loud moments in every episode.

i must admit that due to a broad scottish accent i watch it with subtitles on, but only because i dont want to miss a joke when they come thick and fast.

anyone else watch it ?
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
26-Jul-2019 23:29 Message #4746493
I feel sure that I would have mentioned it somewhere, as i love my comedies, and this one is right up there...

I've watched each episode at least 2 times each...some more..If a comedies worse watching, it's worth watching again..

The first 6 series were brilliant..and some specials...then I think they had enough, and they fell out a bit, but came back a few years later...perhaps not as good in places...but still well worth watching..

Jack Victor, Isa, Winston ( with his leg ), Tam, Boaby, Naveed and the rest...

One that I wasn't that keen on though was Mick, whose character replaced Pete the Jakey, who died in real life.. I couldn't really warm to him as much..

There's a couple of stage ones as well...One of them 2 was on youtube..
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
26-Jul-2019 23:32 Message #4746495
thanks for the youtube heads-up.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
27-Jul-2019 16:14 Message #4746560
There's also some hilarious stuff that the team do in 'Chewing the Fat', including early Jack and Victor sketches before they turned them into 'Still Game'...

and some really funny ones with Ford Kiernan ( Jack ) playing a terrible actor called Ronald Villiers, from an agency called Widdecombe and Pump...

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