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email question

terry  Male  West Yorkshire
16-Jun-2019 23:58 Message #4742108
There seem to be plenty of techies on here so thought I'd ask.

I use Outlook for my email, haven't a clue whether it's any good or no good, just it seems one of the easiest to use (usually).
I openly admit to having a phobia (non-diagnosed, just my opinion) about technology and especially non paper and pen communications and the internet.

Two questions:
1. I've received an email, gone into my 'junk' folder, which says 'message trimmed'. I've never come across this before and being suspicious it's staying in the junk folder until it gets automatically deleted. I'm waiting until then in case the sender sends one I can read then I'll know who sent it and be able to let them know what happened.
Anyone ever had a 'trimmed message' via email or anyone know what they are?

2. I have to send and receive presentations by email, sometimes files as large as 18Mb.
There are times when I try sending presentations of 5 or 10Mb that I get a message 'unable to send due to file size too large' or words to that effect. Other times I can send files of 18Mb and they go ok.
Any suggestions as to why that may be? could it be the receiving email address can't handle the size?

Any information greatly appreciated, thanks.
Oh yes, worth mentioning, I frequently run anti virus scans plus sometimes use other machines, no virus's - apparently.
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex
18-Jun-2019 00:24 Message #4742205
There are many different and current versions of Outlook.

1 - messages that go to Junk are not always junk. Most of the time yes they are, but always look at them but DO NOT CLICK IN THE EMAIL. If it is from someone or organization you trust you can mark it as not junk. To open the email just click it on it on the list of emails, this will allow you to read it, just don't click in or on the email.

2 - different systems allow you different sizes, the best way around this is to save it to a web site and send a link to the person that needs the file. Plenty of options for storing files online, from Microsoft One Drive (normally free with Windows account) to paid for services.

Anti Virus should be updated and run daily.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
18-Jun-2019 11:54 Message #4742231
Thank you TheSarcasticOne

I've since found out the message in the junk folder is almost definately a virus. A friend who works at the local university told me they had a lot of these in the last year and they were all a virus.

Your suggestion about using a website for the presentations, I would make a right hash judging by my inability to navigate even seemingly easy sites. It was a good idea and thank you for it; your point about different systems allowing different sizes in effect answers my question, I didn't know that but now I do I can look for a workaround.

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