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Anyone else a fan

moonlightglow  Female  Cheshire
15-Jun-2019 19:39 Message #4741977
I love all his compositions but particularly fond of his Sonata's

Incidentally its 250 years Celebration of him next year if I'm correct
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire
16-Jun-2019 08:11 Message #4742005
Some good. Some bad. A brilliant mind.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
18-Jun-2019 10:24 Message #4742221
Some of the many beautiful moments in Beethoven orchestral pieces spring to mind, with some images that I have:-

Violin Concerto, 1st movement, especially where the solo violin plays high while the orchestra plays low leading up to persistent timpani beats, and the cadenza where the solo violin plays 2 of the themes at the same time

Piano Concerto no. 5 (The Emperor), its sparkingly brilliant 1st movement, and restful 2nd movement which makes me think of lying on grass under a tree.

Symphony 3, 4th movement, which after delicate variations gets a steam locomotive roaring through.

Symphony 5, the passage leading from a tunnel into the bright daylight of the last movement.

If anyone's interested enough I'll find those passages in YouTube and for certain performances state their minutes & seconds.

One criticism that I have is that in some pieces the last movement has too much repetition of the theme. Ludwig vanman should have asked my advice to avoid that.
(Yes you're right, he was born 249 years ago.)
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester
18-Jun-2019 12:29 Message #4742243
‘Ode to Joy’ is brilliant,the only negative part I think is once you get it in your head it’s hard not to play it over and over in your mind.

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