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A birthday present

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London
11-Jun-2019 08:25 Message #4741601
Do you find it difficult to know what to buy as presents?
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire
11-Jun-2019 09:02 Message #4741603
Depends on how heavy the hints are!

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
11-Jun-2019 09:40 Message #4741607
Easy -

If they like cheese - a tea towel with all the cheeses on it...or a visit to the World of Cheese museum...

If they like gardening - a tea towel with gardening things on it...or a visit to the World of Gardening museum..

If they like dancing - a tea towel with all the dances on it...or a visit to the World of Dancing museum...

If they like fishing - a tea towel with all the fish on it...or a visit to the World of Fishing museum...

If they like anything else - a tea towel with anything else on it...or a visit to the World of Anything else museum...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
11-Jun-2019 11:44 Message #4741614
Some people are easy to buy for others not, I often don't know what I want when asked and often when I do say what I want people either disbelieve me or flatly refuse to buy it for me, like the on of top soil I wanted as a xmas present one year. I did manage to persaude my DiL that I really wanted a wheelbarrow though, a girly coloured one to stop Manthing from using it to dump random crap in, it didn't work though even though the wheelbarrow is bright pink.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire
11-Jun-2019 14:26 Message #4741628
Buying for the kids is easy as there is always a long list of things they want but adults seem to have everything already.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
12-Jun-2019 10:47 Message #4741697
I thinkk present buying gets harder as people get older, my mums really hard to buy for, she has enough jewelery to open a shop, she wears no perfume, has no beauty treatments or fancy toiletries, she puts almost no wear into clothes or shoes, shes not a big chocolate eater, she has more ornaments that she has space for. There are so many ornaments we have to move when we decorate next month I suggested that she only keep all the valuable ones and we buy her a air rifle for her birthday and she can use the rest as target practice, that didn't do down well. So for her birthday we're building her a raised fruit bed so as she can just step outside and get her soft fruit for breakfast and for xmas it will an apple tree.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London
12-Jun-2019 14:03 Message #4741723
When it comes to buying presents I have been accused of being unimaginative and boring .. fair comment lol.

I prefer to give and receive vouchers rather than presents as it means the recipient can actually buy something they want rather than look enthusiastic being bought something they don't want.

My daughter accuses me of being as logical as Mr Spock from Startrek "That's not logical Captain" but that is the way I'm wired!

I have bought presents TV licences, car tax, pet insurance, oyster cards, vouchers and other things I consider useful but may not have the wow factor.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire
12-Jun-2019 14:08 Message #4741724
Buying for another adult tends to be more difficult because things you can afford they usually have enough money to purchase themselves.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex
18-Jun-2019 10:32 Message #4742224
Yes, it can be difficult to know. So usually I ask the person what they would like.

Although the thought counts, I think that it can be disappointing and is a waste of money if the present is unsuitable, and not worth the surprise element.

It's my birthday this year, so please club together and buy me a new car.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
18-Jun-2019 16:50 Message #4742276
With presents, Birthday or Christmas, is it acceptable to give or receive something perhaps controversial, like a killers biography, or a drug dealers life story...

I suppose it depends...some people like those kind of things...but it just seems strange, waking up on birthday morning, handing your present over to the recipient, and them frantically ripping the wrapping off, and then saying 'Aah Thanks...Fred West - the Official story...It's just what I wanted..Thank you so much'

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