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Boris case thrown out...What happens to the crowdfunded money?

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
7-Jun-2019 14:27 Message #4741426
Gladly, in my opinion, the Boris court case has been thrown out..

The person who brought the case, Marcus Ball, has crowdfunded it and got together a few hundred grand, and it has been said that he is taking about £24,000 for 'wages' for himself.

From ITN news a few days ago 'Responding to press speculation, he added any funds taken as a salary from the crowdsourced money were given specifically to for that reason.

He told ITV News he is living on "approximately £24,000 a year" since he started the legal challenge whilst working hours would mean his earnings equate to "far less than the minimum wage".

He added: "This is not a way of cashing in, I'm doing this because I believe in it and it's important."

So, does he have to pay all the money back now...or does he get to keep any of it?...It all sounds a bit dodgy to me...
Aely  Female  Hampshire
7-Jun-2019 17:50 Message #4741431
Is there such a crime as "Malicious prosecution"? Preferably carrying a £24,000 fine if found guilty?
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire
7-Jun-2019 18:10 Message #4741433
I’m pleased this prosecution was halted. Not because Boris was innocent but because he was no more guilty than all the other politicians.
The thought of all politicians being locked away has some merit.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Jun-2019 18:42 Message #4741436
I would of liked to see this case proceed because I would of liked to see politicians have some sort of legal accountability for the stuff they say to persaude the public of thier case and electablility. I think some politicians would promise the moon on a stick if they thought voters would elect them.

I think if you crowd fund you pretty much know you're not going to see the money again, unless its more of an investment opportunity where you might have som expectation of making your money back. I must admit I didn't know the bloke was taking any sort of salary for bringing this case and I don't know how I feel about that to be honest. It must take a lot of time to sort through all the previous cases to find enough examples to make a case to set a precedent, understandably judges are quite wary of setting a precedent as unless parliament acts to the contrary it becomes law.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
7-Jun-2019 19:52 Message #4741440
This Gofundme and similar sites seem like a licence to print money to me, I must admit I haven't looked into it in great detail but people "beg" for all sorts of things.
I don't know how well monitored it is but you get people on twitter begging for money because they are having a hard time or they need an operation.
There are plenty of dumb gullible people who will pay a tenner without asking too many questions.

Anyway, while I'm here can you all pay a few quid cos my rent is due...
Message me with your bank details... thanks...
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
7-Jun-2019 20:23 Message #4741443
I would love to have seen the case proceed...might have made politicians a little more accountable for what they say!
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
7-Jun-2019 20:35 Message #4741444
Sounds like the crowdfunding guy needs to be more accountable!
justfem  Female  Cambridgeshire
8-Jun-2019 10:53 Message #4741474
Ultimately crowdfunding is an investment. No more, no less. It's the risk you take and is based purely on text. If you've not done your homework then it's too bad if the guy lost and you don't get any money back. It's the game you play.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
8-Jun-2019 11:22 Message #4741477
I wonder how many who sent money studied all the rules...Some people get carried away with it all, then turn sour when the campaign turns sour...Some will definitely be saying 'I demand my money back'...If they've lost it though, they've lost it..tough...but personally I don't like the bloke who took it, so I don't want him to have it either...

I'm thinking of climbing Everest, and putting the MSE flag on the top, but I need some dosh...and a flag...but if it's raining on the day, I might not go..
barney  Male  Surrey
8-Jun-2019 12:41 Message #4741485
I wonder who sent the money .and was it politically motivated.

I read the other day that the female Judge who was going to carry out a judicial review of the case is the wife of Ed Milliband..

The whole thing has a bad smell about it.
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire
8-Jun-2019 13:42 Message #4741488
Justine Thornton (Ed Milliband’s wife) happened to be the judge on duty when the case was lodged so she very properly immediately recused herself from hearing the application due to a “political connection”, so she had nothing to do with the case.
barney  Male  Surrey
8-Jun-2019 14:40 Message #4741489

If that's the case then good for here. At least she showed some integrity.

Perhaps the Politicians could learn from her.

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