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Campers in Mse ?

Brundall  Male  Lincolnshire 3-May-2019 19:49 Message #4739526
What ha happened to all the campers in MSE? I know the last one I went to was in Wales and it rained and blew a gale any one any ideas ?
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 3-May-2019 22:04 Message #4739528
I'd say you answered your own enquiry.
Those 3 things alone would be enough to put off even a keen camper let alone the occasional fair weather variety.
joolsy  Female  Essex 3-May-2019 22:10 Message #4739529
Oooh Ive never stayed in a tent .. Love caravaning... I when I win the lottery I'm buying a hippy camper van lol ... Pat where do you go for a pee in a tent lol
Aely  Female  Hampshire 3-May-2019 22:33 Message #4739532
The one and only time I went camping was when I was about 19 and went to Derbyshire with some friends. It snowed, we quickly ran out of cash because we got so cold and wet we spent our funds on extra clothing and we ended up living off tea and toast for nearly a week.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 4-May-2019 16:48 Message #4739550
B and I bought a new tent last year and spent a week in June, on North Uist in the June gales.
B likes to think he's a nature man kind of camper but I was secretly pleased his 40 year old tent ripped when he thought he's try it out on my front lawn. We compromised on a mid-range good make that is a 3 person tent. I was sooo appreciate it had the tension straps as it tried to lift off a few times, but it stood its ground.

We don't argue, but I said I was only going to try out my retired (from when my ex and I had a caravan) but hardly used electric frying pan so we had to pay for electric supply. Even I was amazed at what I managed to cook with it, a home-cooked dinner of improvisation virtually every day and easy to clean too. I only said to him this afternoon, we must plan another trip. I fancy visiting some gardens around Nottingham and visiting the new RSPB place in Sherwood Forest. Probably take our e-bikes.

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