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Kat Edmonson


MrNatural  Male  Essex
27-Apr-2019 09:29 Message #4739290
Just discovered her far too late through Lyle Lovett. From someone that doesn't really like jazz if you too have been living under something of a rock for a while you should check this out.

What an amazing voice! Like an early Eartha Kitt but polished to shine through the veneer of 21st century superficiality.

Songs like 'You can't break my heart' have dark overtones of Brel or Scott Walker.

Just thought you should know.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
27-Apr-2019 10:19 Message #4739301
I'm not a music person really, but I did find her on YouTube and I see what you mean about Eartha Kitt (who I used to love as a child) but in my opinion, Eartha had a much deeper gravelly voice.

Listening to the track, I can appreciate the quality of her voice but to me, she sounds as if she belongs in a cabaret in an old Fred Astaire film.

I always like to experience music that others like.

For me, music is like food, and even like people.
There's some corny stuff that makes my hair stand on end, even a busker playing a few chords, then theirs Irish/Scottish jig music which I find irritating (that my partner likes and plays), but then I have discovered I do like some on the boundaries of folk I do like such as Eddie Reader, Kate Rusby, then also bought some MP3 albums I would never have chosen at an earlier stage in my life such as Stornoway, even Snow Patrol the latter of which my son used to be listening to.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire
27-Apr-2019 10:52 Message #4739302
I am a bit like that used to hate some of the music my sons used to play but occasionally would think
a song they were playing were good. I know snow patrol, green day but only know their songs when
they had them on. I can like a song but never knew the artist. I am going today to see American Idiot
in Milton Keynes as one of my sons could not go today so he gave me them for Mother's Day. Not really
keen but he promised me it would be good. Going with my eldest grandson as he likes Green Day's
music. Goes on for two hours. At least it should be an experience ha ha
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
27-Apr-2019 14:38 Message #4739316
It's good to have an open mind on music.

One of my ventures after divorce in 2007 was to explore opera. This was mainly because through childhood my dad used to "switch that rubbish off". Part of my "escape" from depression at home was enjoying the journey, as I enjoy driving, from Manchester to York, to Leeds to Liverpool to experience different types of opera. I realised I am certainly not keen on Gilbert & Sullivan, but liked those with a dramatic story to tell.

Yes, my eldest son was/is a Snow Patrol and Greenday fan and I like both. In fact having two sisters much older than me, my childhood was listening to Sinatra and Mat Munro, Harry Belafonte etc. I think I have a broad interest as a result.

I never liked The Beatles but I do have MP3 albums of Lennon and Harrison as individuals, and also Gilmore from Pink Floyd.
MrNatural  Male  Essex
27-Apr-2019 17:39 Message #4739321
Never did think much of the Beatles. Preparing to be crucified for heresy now for saying that. In defence I wrote a long spiel on why - and then my internet crashed & I lost it & can't be bothered to re-type it. So be it.

Try some Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) solo stuff if you haven't heard it - something a bit different.

I found that learning to play guitar in my forties made me look at and like lots of music I'd dismissed when I was younger.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
27-Apr-2019 19:13 Message #4739325
So be it?

Don't you mean Let It Be?
MrNatural  Male  Essex
27-Apr-2019 19:25 Message #4739326
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
28-Apr-2019 17:00 Message #4739343
Totally agree re: the Beatles and Syd Barrett, and nice one for the guitar thing.
I'll have a listen to this lass though for some reason her name rings a bell with me.

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